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You can have anything you want if you are willing to give up everything you have.

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The vision is clear: Giorgia Meloni has clearly won the elections in Italy (and “breakthroughs in Capalbio”, headlines Repubblica in an elegant radical drama), and the confirmation of Marine Le Pen’s party has forced Emmanuel Macron to dissolve parliament, the political map. Germany is full of holes from Bavarian Emmental, the right is advancing in Europe, and the voter’s demand in the Old Continent is change. In our first republic, the republic of the white whale that knew how to tame reality and contain irrational motives, one might have said: “There is a demand for interruption.”

But the year is 2024, political correctness has infiltrated the word, the taboo is indefinite, and the reaction is conditional: alienating the right is a badly hidden desire. The big maneuvers started from Belgium, and the dilemma lies in how to deal with “Georgia” without revealing too much of it, and how to keep it on board the car and not behind the wheel. Even The Economist wrote that without “Georgia” the game would be a Sudoku without a solution, a train destined to end up on the side of the road. Ladies and gentlemen, here is the conundrum of the infallible progressive, change your mind. So they started at the Excelsior Cinema in Brussels to show the film entitled “The Grand Illusion”, which is a remake, the original version was produced in 2019 by supporters of Popolare, Socialisti and Macron Renewal, despite the limited success, five years later they are writing the same script with An elderly crew who were booed by the audience (…)

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