Home entertainment The Rome Film Festival opens with “Il Colibrì” by Archiboggi

The Rome Film Festival opens with “Il Colibrì” by Archiboggi

The Rome Film Festival opens with “Il Colibrì” by Archiboggi

In the film that will officially open the Rome Film Festival, the film revolves around the life of Marco Carrera, the “hummingbird”, an existence crossed by fatal coincidences, losses, and absolute loved ones. The story continues according to the strength of memories, from one era to the next, in a fluid time stretching from the early 1970s to the near future. At the sea Marco meets Luisa Latis, a beautiful and unusual girl. A love that will never be wasted and will never run out for a lifetime. His married life will be another, in Rome, with Marina and his daughter, Adele. Marco will return to Florence after being thrown into a stubborn fate, which exposes him to very difficult tests. To protect him from the most violent shocks, he will find Marina’s psychoanalyst Daniele Carradori, who will teach Marco how to welcome the most unexpected changes in direction.

“Il Colibrì” is the story of the ancestral force of life, about the arduous struggle to resist what sometimes seems unsustainable, also thanks to the powerful arms of illusion, happiness and joy.

Presented at the world premiere at the Toronto Film Festival, “Il Colibrì”, written by Laura Paolucci, Francesco Piccolo and Francesca Archibugi, and featuring an exceptional cast of Pierfrancesco Favino,

Kasia Smutniak

And the

Bernice Bejo

And the

Laura Morante

Sergio Albilli

Benedetta Porcaroli

And the

Massimo Ceccherini

, Alessandro Tedeschi, Fottini Belloso, Francesco Centurami, Pietro Ragusa, Valeria Cavalli and with Nani Moretti. The film credits, whose voice is signed by Batista Lina, hosted an unreleased song by

Sergio Indrigo and Ricardo Senigallia

Titled “Dear distant love”, Claudia Indrigo, the daughter of a great singer and songwriter, wanted to entrust only the voice of

Marco Mingoni



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