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Typical dual sword technique of the Khorasan faction – Corriere.it

Typical dual sword technique of the Khorasan faction – Corriere.it

From the Campaign of a Thousand Pieces, with a series of small attacks, to the season of major attacks. This refers to the Moscow massacre, which was preceded by the Khorman massacre in Iran. Both were conducted by Islamic State mujahideen born in former Soviet republics, especially Tajikistan.

European front

These attacks are dangerous not only for the large number of victims, but also for them DangerExpert Ricardo Valle also warns that it is being repeated on other fronts, Western Europe included: “It's only a matter of time.” We cannot even rule out the impact of this on competing groups, starting with Al-Qaeda. With a simulation serving as impetus for “stunning” gestures similar to the Moscow concert raid.

The commandos had two Kalashnikov rifles, a Makarov pistol, a dagger to cut throats, and their jackets were full of magazines.Backpacks and incendiary materials. A video clip showed the terrorists confident and ruthless in their pursuit of defenseless targets, facilitated by reconnaissance operations in the previous days. After their arrest, they appeared confused and shaken, but carried out their mission by carrying out a long-standing threat. No matter what abbreviation they belong to.

ISIS-K – confirms Vali – has announced its ambitions since 2020 With local and regional actions and then thinking about global action. For this reason, you should always read the blurb because it is functional to the activity. Example: An operation against a Chinese target in Kabul was preceded by more than a year of harsh texts against Beijing. The same applies to Russia or Western countries which are now in the line of fire through the presence of sympathizers and members, who may have entered posing as refugees.

With a crucial point of contact represented by TürkiyeHospitable to many Muslims coming from the Caucasus, China and Central Asia, it is in fact a platform for many movements.

Turkish axis

From here you can move towards Syria and Iraq, towards Greece or even target Russia: one of the attackers claimed that he arrived after stopping in Turkish territory. Fund collections, operational communications and shelters are also located here. In some cases, Turkey becomes the easiest arena for bloodshed: a Tajik attacked an Italian church in Istanbul.

It is difficult to determine how extensive the control is by jihadist leaders, who in some situations are very careful to preserve data. ISIS obscured the faces of the killers in the video and used the geographical identification of “soldiers of the Russian caliphate” to claim responsibility.

In order to not only give precise indications about which “section” planned the raid, but also to address a large pool of potential recruitment. The hierarchical connection may be weak, leaving autonomy to the implementers, and only appearing to reap the rewards.


There is no shortage of leaders. Sanaullah Ghafari, former engineer, Indian familyHe is a former member of the Taliban Haqqani clan, and is the leader of Khorasan. His specialty is urban attacks combined with guerrilla tactics, the dual “sword” that Somali al-Qaeda heroes use with equal force in attacks in Mogadishu and neighboring Kenya.

The United States has placed a reward of $10 million for anyone who provides information about Al-GhafariDemonstrating their capabilities, with subsidiaries within the borders of the European Union or in the Maldives. He appears to have died in 2023, and appears to still be in command, the architect of the plan that took his men too far and turned the organization into a war machine.

In the competitive field, the role of Saif al-Adl, the Egyptian, seems more modest, a background in elite units, with a penchant for large-scale actions, directs Al-Qaeda. They say it could be in Iran, and was helped run by collaborators residing in “hot” areas. Abdul Rahman Al-Ghamdi is said to be the operations lieutenant in Afghanistan while one of Saif's sons was sent to Yemen where there is a “historical” pillar of the movement founded by Osama. The most stubborn, in the past, in searching for international targets, from large ships to passenger aircraft.


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