December 9, 2023

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Weather: Freezing in Canada, with -40°C, record heat in Florida

Weather: Freezing in Canada, with -40°C, record heat in Florida

It’s really cool Central Canada, especially in the state of Saskatchewan. Locality Kee Lake, 519 meters highMinimum temperature recorded -39.9°CA very low value for the period (average of lows was -15°C), and -40.6°C on March 27, 1996.

It’s also cold in other Canadian places in the far north -35.5°C, for example, in Eureka.

The lowest temperature was recorded at Bettles Airport (Alaska) in USA -25.0°CAt the same time A Fargo, North DakotaThe temperature dropped -21°CLowest value since last March 3 (average minimum temperature in March -7°C).

Frost in Canada.

On the other side of the US, it’s summer in Florida: the temperature in the city Orlando has risen up to +33.3°COn 25th and 26th March, this value is reflected Heat register For the city from 1980 till date.

The same +31.1 degrees Celsius in Miami, But the heat record here was on March 22, 2003, when the thermometer rose to +33.9 ° C.

We go to Spain, where there are many places that exceeded +30°C on March 26.Especially in MurciaIt was hotter than usual.

Just measured the Murcia temperature +32.5°C, and +32.2° in Murcia – AlcantaraAbout +12°C above normal for this month, equaling the daily heat record of March 26, 1988.

Complete +33.3°C since 10 March 2017.

But values +30.8°C in AlicanteThe port city of the Costa Blanca on the Mediterranean Sea, in this case a value above +12 degrees Celsius.

Instead, he came Expected cold in Germany.

Many places, including the city, went below zero on the morning of March 27 In Bremen, it is a minimum of -1.7°CHannover, Bonn -1.4°C, -0.4°C, Hamburg -0.2°C.

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The predicted snowfall has also arrived In the French Alps.

In Val d’IsereSnow fell up to 900 meters, and more than 20 cm of fresh snow fell at 1300 meters, but more snow is expected in the next few hours.