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Hungary.. The former minister’s voice embarrasses Orban’s party

Hungary.. The former minister’s voice embarrasses Orban’s party

Hungarian Prime Minister Perhaps for the first time, Viktor Orbán faces an emerging problem within his system of power, Fidesz party state. In February, there were well-attended demonstrations against the government: a pardon granted by President Katalin Novak, in April 2023, to a person involved in trying to cover up a case of sexual abuse of minors was discovered. Along with Novak Judit Varga was forced to resign, who, in his capacity as Minister of Justice, signed this ruling. Varga's ex-husband, Peter Magyar, is now in charge New scandalaccompanied by a descent into politics as an opponent of the Prime Minister.

Magyar appeared before the Budapest Public Prosecutor's Office on Tuesday with Audio recording From his ex-wife, whom he has been dating since last year. These two minutes, like Rebuilds Political Europewill document Fidesz leaders' attempt to Concealing evidence of corruption among party members. In particular, Antal Rogan, Orbán's chief of staff, was alleged to have distorted court documents on behalf of Pál Wöllner, an undersecretary under Varga who was involved in a bribery case. Feulner resigned in 2021. In an “electoral tyranny,” how? The European Parliament has determined Hungary is already in 2022, this is planned Sacrificing vulnerable pawnsTo preserve the image of the Prime Minister. This was the case, in addition to Novak and Varga, for Józef Sajer, Orbán's commissioner in Brussels who flew under the radar after participating, in 2020, in a full-blown orgy. Close In the Belgian capital.

Government spokesman Zoltan Kovacs He doubted the authenticity of the sound. In a post on Facebook, Varga confirmed that the voice was hers, but said that her ex-husband forced her to record. The Hungarian woman is accused of blackmail and domestic violence. Before their separation in 2023, pro-government media described the couple as… A model of a traditional family, on which Fidesz's nationalist discourse is based. Magyar was a member of the party and was part of itInner circle As a “husband”, he held public office for a long time. He repositioned himself in February, through an interview on YouTube, and In mid-March, he organized a rally in Budapest, where he announced that he would found a party. In 2022, the opposition has failed to undermine Orban's rule: one of the prime minister's former men will (also) try. Who in February – find out The New York TimesI offered protectionfor 3 days, for former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, who has been under investigation several times in his homeland, at the Hungarian embassy in Brasilia.


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