June 8, 2023

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Alan Wake Remastered has yet to recover development and marketing costs – Nerd4.life

Alan Wake Remastered It doesn’t seem to work tremendously in terms of salesEpic Games Pulishing recently stated that the game is not over yet Recovery of development and marketing costs Supported by the publisher and Remedy Entertainment.

In the quarterly financial results of the Finnish company, which also provided some information on Alan Wake 2, Control 2, and other projects in development, it was also found that Alan Wake Remastered has not yet generated any royalties for the development team, only because commercial results Not exciting at the moment.

Given the agreements with Epic Games, this means, in effect, a re-release of the game You haven’t made any profits yet“We did not receive any royalties from Alan Wake Remastered during the first quarter because Epic Games Publishing has not recovered development and marketing expenses for the game yet,” the team’s financial documents revealed.

Considering how the first chapter is cult and relies on a community of fans that seems to be quite active, news of the poor results on the sales front for the remastered version is definitely a negative blow to the series, especially since there’s Alan. Awake 2 is already in development. In any case, it is possible that the results will break soon and the game will start to take profits soon, we are looking forward to any developments.

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