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Russians burn wheat fields in Ukraine: the “last blackmail” –

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From Marta Serafini

Stealing or destroying grain. ‘Planet food security is on fire,’ says Foreign Minister Kuleba.

This factory was bombed five days ago. But do you see all these pills? It burns and is still burning.” The smell of black smoke from the burning tin roofs mingled with the smell of burnt corn, as if a huge cob of corn had been roasted. It’s another deposit hit by the Russians in these hours. However, another mountain of pills was destroyed.

Major Volodya of the 63rd mechanized battalion is not upset. But he has sad eyes. “I don’t understand what they want to achieve but I starve all Ukrainians”Explains as he arranges radio frequencies. “It is the specter of the great famine that our grandfathers told us about,” he adds, citing the 1932-33 famine of which Stalin was accused. Everywhere, a few kilometers from Snihurivka, on the front line between Mykolaiv and Kherson, are the ruins of a completely destroyed village. We can’t stay long, Russian drones are flying over our heads. But do you see that sign? Ironically, he says: “Do not burn wheat”“.

On the way to the second village, Volodya accelerates. He recommends, “Don’t write the exact names of places, or else help the Russians.” Along the way appears fields. blackening; Also bombed. “They hit them with incendiary bombs, as if they were military targets, so they continued burning for days, and all crops were lost,” he added. A few kilometers away begins part of the territory controlled by the Russians. Here Moscow soldiers plunder the harvested grain and take it to the waterways to take it to the sea. Then they try to ship it to sell it abroad. Syria, Egypt, North Africa. The goal is clear: the confiscation of agricultural products in the occupied areas and the destruction of everything that remains in the hands of the Ukrainians. They want to blackmail the world.”

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Kyiv soldiers advanced towards Kherson. Volodya continues: “These villages were previously under the control of the Russians, we recaptured them, and in the past few days we advanced 18 kilometers.” slows down. It is still too early to talk about a counterattack but things are not going well on the southern front. “Do you want to see something? I’ll show you a corpse… ». It’s the whole burnt body of a man in civilian clothes, his face reduced to a black skeleton reaching to the sky. On the feet, a melted black and white plastic slipper still stuck to the skin. We don’t know to whom they belong. Yesterday, we found her. Maybe the Russians tortured him, maybe he was a farmer who wanted to extort information from him. But now the police will have to investigate.

On the horizon, at least nine plumes of smoke protrude. It is the Russian missiles that are still raining. “Here we are using Nlaw (a new generation of light anti-tank weapons), Javelin (small anti-tank weapons), Swedish At4 (rocket launcher), Panzerfaust (Germany rocket launcher), Stinger (American surface-to-air missile), And American radar. Systems of the type An / Tpq -36. We are advancing thanks to the weapons that came to us from the West, “explains Colonel Vadim Valentinovich Cherny. And he talks about long-range artillery that is “effective and safe to destroy enemy equipment and personnel. But we don’t have any means to protect the wheat fields.”

To the east, Russian bombing destroyed about 20 hectares of fields in Zaporizhia and in the Dnipropetrovsk region. According to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense “It is not the Ukrainian wheat that burns, but it is there global food security. A war within a war that includes the entire southern front, the Minister of Foreign Affairs in the past hours Dmitro Koleba It summoned the Turkish ambassador to ask about the Russian ship Zebek Zola, which was allowed to leave the Turkish port of Karasu despite requests to seize Kyiv that the ship was carrying stolen grain.

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As wheat is spoken of in Bali, In the foreign ministers of the Group of Twenty
. “I turn to our Russian colleagues: Ukraine is not your country. Ukrainian wheat is not your wheat. Why are the ports blocked? You should let the wheat come out of Ukraine,” the US Secretary of State said Anthony Blinken Address to the Russian Foreign Minister Serge Lavrov and her delegation. Accusations and words fly through the air, while in Snyurivka black smoke continues to rise into the sky.

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