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Media Distribution

Media distribution - it's what we do. Wire Service Media is a press release and media publication/distribution service that is free to use. That's right - FREE.

We firmly believe that everyone should have equal access to media distribution. So whether you are an individual, small business owner, artist, charity, association, sports team, large corporation etc - we offer the same quality service to all of our users.

It's easy to get started too. Start by creating your personal user account and login to our website. Once logged in you can start submitting your media material.

With our service you can include images, video, tables, links, graphs, lists and more by using our handy online editor.

Be sure to make use of the available social media tools to expand the reach of your press release and media materials. They are available for you and readers to use on all your press materials.

Wire Service Media was recognized among the top media release websites for social media pickup by PostRank.com and that came in the first month we added the social media tools to our service!

If you are not already using social media like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest etc - you should be! Do not overlook the power of social media and what it can do for your media campaigns.

If you need help with our social media tools, contact us for help.

Français - Wire Service Media est aussi disponible pour usagés qui désirent soumettre leur communiqués de presse en français. Nous vous recommandons de soumettre vous communiqués de presse dans les deux langues, anglais et français.

Español - Wire Service Media is también disponible en español. Usted puede publicar sus comunicaos de prensa también en español. Tenga en cuenta que el lanzamiento de su comunicado de prensa puede tomar mas tiempo.

Use social media to maximize your press distribution

Why Use Wire Service For Your Press Release?

Our wire service is picked up by all the major Internet news agencies and websites/bloggers/online magazines and by journalists/members of the traditional media. We get your media and press release material to those that want to see it. And by publishing your material via Wire Service Media it becomes available to internet search engines and interested readers will be finding your press release for years to come.

Press and media releases should be a part of your wider marketing, public relations and online reputation management programs and strategies. This applies whether you are a small business or large corporation. Simply put - people cannot know what you are doing if you don't tell them! And that's where our service comes in.

Wire Service Media V2.0 Coming Soon

And things are about to get even better! Wire Service Version 2.0 is coming soon. We will be bringing out some new features and improving upon some old ones.

If you have a feature request please let us know.

media! Events Calendar - List your event today

Events Calendar

Introducing our all new media! Events Calendar. The events calendar is available to our users for listing their events. Publicize your public or private events, conferences, concerts, festivals, rallies, fundraisers and more.

Calendar listings include detailed venue locations with Google Maps, event organizer website, contact details, ticket prices, event description, images, video, social media tools, Google Calendar import, and iCal import.

Who should be using the events calendar? Everyone! Even if you have already used our service to put out a press release, be sure to also have your event published in our online calendar.

You can list single events or recurring ones - our community calendar can handle it and the search engines love the timely information for local and regional search results.