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If you don’t like it, you hit the spot

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Do you know one of Oscar Wilde’s most abused quotes? Who says we’re all drenched in mud but some look at the stars? Well, looks like Adam McKay took it and enjoyed jumping over everyone, a dirty flock where no one really might be looking at him, because if he tried to get dunked anyway. And this is where the “don’t look up” short-circuit was born.An unexpected shock between the films and the viewers. It has been poorly understood by many, perhaps because it refers to the neighborhood, the straw tail itch that leaves no way out, from the more persuasive liberals to the granite conservatives.

in our area Not looking for a review We told you how much we loved the movie, and it was probably almost physiologically that a lot of American society didn’t like it. Because Adam McKay tells them brutally and honestly Its a deliberate exaggeration that looking in the mirror doesn’t have to be the most fun thing in the world. Because some clay always sticks to the glass.

Don’t look for revenge on satire

Lucretius said in De Rerum Natura that in order to swallow a bitter medicine, one had to sprinkle the edges of the glass with honey. Adam McKay with Don’t Look For Instead Divides Them, Sharpen it as much as possible. And seeing viewers cut their mouths while drinking is what he wants to achieve.

Satire is the car, the rollercoaster that illusion that we can go off the rails but that knows exactly how to scare us. And the more we descend into the abyss of human indifference, the more we feel fear. I’m convinced that it really can’t work that way. It is precisely in this cognitive bias that the film alludes to itself and disturbs the consciences of the country, but in the broad sense of the whole world. The United States is a model, as we told you in our model special not looking forBecause it is the cradle of capitalism that tramples on life itself. However, the satire does not stop there, but rather bites the rest of the world, often a helpless spectator or partner aware of the end.

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Adam McKay Wants to Hate

We are in front of a movie that does not want to satisfy. exactly the contrary, Who works hard to make you uncomfortable on the couch. The more loaded and strange everything is, the more uncomfortable we feel, and the less we want to come to terms with the illusory reality of things.

A person that if a meteor was about to hit the Earth, it was very likely that one would first think of profit more than the safety of the entire world. Here much of the audience split, with a large segment stubbornly convinced that no, the situation is too absurd to be expected. That global powers work together to save us all. That there would never be a real danger of this kind. Instead. Instead, don’t look to break Maya’s veil With all his refined side view to tell us clearly: it would be just that. Sarcasm inflates, compresses, twists, and distorts to restore the features of the world and make us see it for what it is. Or, sometimes, it may be. And Adam McKay does not hold back: “Sorry it’s my pleasure”As Guccini says, it leaves very few heroes shattered against a world ready to swallow them up. And it makes us partners and participants in a society that can never improve, because it is severely disintegrated by the absurd daily selfishness, which destroys everything in silence.

Vices and bets

wonderful Filmography of Adam McKay It is almost entirely devoted to satire. To discredit American society to make us see it devoid of all trappings, in its simple wickedness. and maybe This is what the “Don’t look for” program blocks.As it did with the 2008 crisis Big bet And even more with September 11 vice.

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The idea that the world we live in is really just that. The place where bankers aren’t arrested for wreaking havoc in the economy, or the place where the Vice President of the United States talks to his lawyers during the collapse of the Twin Towers. Not looking for the same, in a more stylized way, Casciarona, screamed on TV like her hero. And perhaps for this very reason it is difficult to comprehend, because accepting the possible reality of the facts is not easy. However, in the end, even if we remain drenched in mud, it is always better to bury with laughter.

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