Home sport “Goodbye football? This is when it will happen.”

“Goodbye football? This is when it will happen.”

“Goodbye football? This is when it will happen.”

In an interview with “Big Time”, Lionel Messi This is how he talked about the possibility of retiring from playing football: “I know I'll feel it, I'll notice it When I won't be able to help my comrades In the field. I'm very critical of myself, I know when I'm good, when I'm bad, when I'm playing well and when I'm playing poorly. If you do a good job, “I will try to continue because playing football is what I love.”

Is Messi thinking about retirement?

Then Messi continued: “When I feel it's time to take that step, I will do it without thinking about my age. Today I still take great care of myself. I rest and eat well. I do it more and more over the years, also because now football is more physical and we play more matches. I don't have a specific routine“The only classic player among all professional players.”

Messi and his farewell to Barcelona

This is how Messi spoke about his farewell to Barcelona:It was difficult to change when I went to Paris Saint-Germain, Because I was very happy in Barcelona and I thought I would stay there. I wasn't ready to leaveIt all happened so fast, I had to rebuild my life overnight. I learned about another championship, another club, and a new dressing room. It was a change we were not looking for and it is That's why it was difficult at first“.


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