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Xbox, Emulators banned from the store at Nintendo’s request

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Xbox he have Mugger the emulators From their own store, and it looks like the decision is made on Requested by Nintendo: This was revealed by a response provided to developer Alyanna McKenna by the Xbox QA team, which did not close the doors to the return of these applications.

“The main reason for the ban has to do with some legal issues with Nintendo,” the email reads. “While emulation itself is not an illegal practice, it can be used to play games for consoles that are still copyrighted without permission, which can create problems for Nintendo and its affiliates.”

“In addition, we take security very seriously, and some emulators require permissions that go beyond standard parameters for apps. This can lead to potential risks, as these permissions can be exploited by malicious actors to access sensitive information. Even for these reasons, we decided to block emulators from the Xbox Store”.

“However, we understand that many users use developer mode to run legitimate emulators. We will not attempt to remove this feature, as it does not allow access to retail components of the system and is therefore considered safe.”

“However, we are still evaluating ways to enable safe and legal emulation on Xbox. We are in discussions with developers of legitimate emulators to bring their software onto our platform while ensuring that copyrights and security protocols are followed.”

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