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It is Mastini's biggest victory – Varesenoi.it

It is Mastini's biggest victory – Varesenoi.it

As in public speaking. As in the good times. Like when we went – and still go – to Torbiera di Ganna. You can always find a goal, just grab a puck, even an improvised one, and a hockey stick.

Four children playing hockey in the street, in front of their house: We are not in Bolzano, where last evening more than 5 thousand spectators attended the fourth match of the ice hockey league semi-final between Volpi and Salzburg (we are in 2 – the second and fifth matches will be played tonight at the Red Bull Arena Arena in the Austrian city). It happens in Varese, in the rain of recent days that accompanies Mastini to Saturday's first final against Berghain: the “stage” is Bezzozero, inside a residential neighborhood, and the four – who repaired the door in the garage of a house. Building – no matter how long they continue to play, they hit the stick on the asphalt, pass the puck to each other and try to send it to the “goal”.

The scene raises goosebumps like that of the video posted some time ago by Sergio Vicentin, the historic yellow and black fan, with the summary of the match between Varese and Vasa that gave Cronenborg the Serie A title in 1989 in yellow and black. Black brick wall. It is as if a bridge in space and time has since reached today's Varese to unite the generations of “fathers” and yellow and black heroes with the youth of today, who carry the baton of faith and passion that has survived so many years of famine, emptiness and suffering.

If these four boys played hockey in the streets of Varese, we owe it to the players who, for us, are no less valuable than the Bolzano players who play in Austria: from Vanetti to Raimondi, from Mazzacane to Borghi and all the others who played hockey in the streets of Varese. Join this closed circle with a story that moves again, on the wings of the faith that adults share with children.

For the young quartet from Varese in front of their garage, these Mastini do not play in the IHL, the Alps or the Ice, they are neither inferior nor superior to Bolzano, Asiago, Cortina or Renon. They are, quite simply, our favorite team like Kronenburg or Shimano are for many of us.

Final match tickets

Today, Thursday, right-of-way is reserved for season ticket holders, from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m., available for Game 1 and Game 3 at Acinque Ice Arena.

Starting tomorrow, Friday, March 29, starting at 8 a.m., the sale is free.

Ticket prices: Match 1 (Saturday 30 March at 6.30pm) and Match 3 (Thursday 4 April at 8.30pm)

  • Central Stand €28 (€22 discounted for under 18s)
  • Side stand €22 (€18 discount for under 18s)
  • Curva Gold €16 (reduced €12.90 for under 18s)
  • Curva €12 (€10 discount for under 18s)

Tickets can be purchased through the Liveticket circuit By clicking here.

Contest calendar

Race 1, Saturday 30 March: Varese-Bergin (6:30 p.m.)

Race 2, Tuesday 2 April: Berghain-Varese (8:30 p.m.)

Race 3, Thursday 4 April: Varese-Bergin (8:30 p.m.)

Race 4, Saturday 6 April: Berghain-Varese

Possible Race 5, Tuesday, April 9

Possible Race 6, Thursday, April 11

Possible Race 7, Saturday, April 13

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