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Celebrity Island, Carmen Di Pietro Makes a Shocking Show to Maria De Filippi!

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After L’Isola dei Famosi, Carmen Di Pietro becomes the men’s and women’s nominee and makes an appeal to Maria De Filippi.

The protagonist of the sixteenth edition of Celebrity IslandAnd the Carmen de Petro He wants to find love, so he appeals to him Maria de FilippiThe only person who can make her find a worthy companion.

Celebrity Island, Carmen targeting men and women

Carmen de Petro He was the lovable and charismatic protagonist of the sixteenth edition of Celebrity Islandwho confronted him with his son Alessandro Iannone. The showgirl proved to be a very jealous and scared mother, admitting that she wanted to see Alexander He is exclusively engaged in college studies and not his head lost in a new romance. An interview on the radio show No More Happening by Giada de Missili, Carmen He reiterated that he wanted to at least see Alessandro alone even after trying Erasmus.

In fact, the former island native fears that her son will abandon a new romance or a very jealous girlfriend. Carmen, after admitting that she featured on the Elari Blasey showconfirmed that she is still single and released a appeal to me Maria de Filippi.

“I have already seen myself on the throne! I have been celibate here for many years now. Dear Maria de Filippi, I have been celibate for many years. But how can I find a man if he writes to you on the Internet?”

Presenter men and women Do you accept the appeal of the former outcast? while, Carmen He also wanted to comment on The split between Francesco Totti and Ilari Blasiwhich became an increasingly interesting story after the athlete’s last interview he revealed The presence of the mediator Alicia in his wife’s betrayal.

“I think one thing about Elari and Francesco. Since it’s a private life, I don’t express myself. I love Larry Blasey, and I respect her very much. […] After many years, the passion fades, sometimes disappears. I will never forgive betrayal.”

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