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This Netflix movie is a must-see worldwide hit despite the bad reviews from critics

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It sometimes happens that public opinion is stronger and more diffuse than that of film experts. This phenomenon has occurred several times in history. We think of works like Braveheart-Fearless Heart, Space Jam and Patch Adams. They’ve been abused by official reviews, but have become a much loved hit. The same goes for Netflix as well. We have recently focused on This series shocked the United States We talk about the secrets of this character, who is loved and also appreciated in Italy.

However, today we focus on a movie that in recent weeks has climbed to any well-known streaming platform ranking. This record relates to an Argentine film, called in Italian to Grandin, while in Spanish it is originally called Granizo. Let’s see briefly what it is all about and let’s try to understand why this Netflix movie has been so surprisingly successful worldwide.

what is he talking about

The plot focuses on the story of a meteorologist. Miguel Flores is an Argentine TV star. He won the approval of the audience, who adored his cheerful and bright ways. His life is going well. He opens his day to the rhythm of Felicta Di Albano and Romina; People stop him on the streets of Buenos Aires to take selfies and get autographs.

However, at the start of a new adventure on the talk show, everyone is reassured about the expected good weather in the evening. Nothing could be more wrong. An exceptionally large hailstorm hits the capital, causing massive damage to people, cars and homes. Suddenly fame turns against him. So she took refuge in Cordoba, in the interior of the country, to rediscover the love of her daughter.

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After the threats and massacre suffered by the media, he will find a way to put his life back in his hands in an unexpected way to say the least. The interpreter of the meteorologist is Guillermo Francella, one of the most famous representatives of South America. Participate in the Argentine movie the secret of his eyesthe Oscar for Best Foreign Film in 2010. But now let’s see the reasons that can explain the sudden and all-out proliferation of a film that makes you laugh, but also reflects.

This Netflix movie is a must-see worldwide hit despite the bad reviews from critics

Crushed by critics, who found it frivolous, it has become an unending success in recent weeks on Netflix. It is the most watched movie of all time in countries where no English is spoken, as well as the third most watched movie globally in this month of April. In the same way it has achieved primacy in about 30 countries, including some culturally far from Argentina, such as Bulgaria or Finland.

A must see for all fans, because in a sarcastic and accessible way he talks about topics we are all immersed in. Hail makes us think about the exhausting power of the media, as well as the possibility of making mistakes in life. Perhaps without suddenly being swept away by the collective memory. It also reflects on the ability to relive after some event rocked it to its core. Personalities change and improve when they realize they can approach life in a more positive way. Perhaps, spending an hour and a half in front of this movie can make us feel better and also immerse us in the atmosphere of such a wonderful and remote country.

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