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Tim wraps up 2021 in red at 8.7 billion. It is divided into two parts – economics

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Tim closes 2021 with a loss of “8.7 billion” after the local goodwill was written down by 4.1 billion euros and written off by 3.8 billion euros by the parent company of deferred tax assets. dividends to shareholders.
The Board of Directors, which did not make decisions on Kkr but sent the file to advisors, approved Tim’s new business plan to 2024 that “launches a transformation path based on the creation of distinct legal entities, netco and servco (consumer, enterprise and Tim Brasil), overcoming the model of vertical integration. The Board of Directors that has given CEO Pietro Labriola a mandate to develop the Executive Reorganization Project to be submitted within the six-month period. With the current configuration, Tim expects “slight growth in revenue from services and stable EBITDA” in the three-year period.
“With this new setup, we will be better prepared to respond to the challenges and seize the opportunities before us,” CEO Tim Pietro Labriola commented after the board of directors approved his industrial plan.

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