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VW Canada is ‘stopping’ the website for Earth Day and replacing it with images in the ASCII code, ‘Zero Emission’ is on track for 2050. Creativity of Taxi / Type 1

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Websites are playing Plays an important role in the car buying journeyBut overall online activity, from internet visits to research activity, to video streaming It is responsible for about 4% of all global CO2 emissions. As part of its corporate social responsibility initiativeBe the change‘, Volkswagen Canada ‘temporarily’ closes its website In caseEarth Day To raise awareness about sustainability efforts and commitment around the world.

So visitors to are welcome through one page Excellently coded image of the entire electric ID.BuzzIt will arrive in Canada in 2024 and is designed using this only ASCII text characters. Try ‘From day to zeroDeveloped by Volkswagen Canada’s advertising agency, Type 1.

“As part of our site”Be the changeWe aim to become a completely carbon neutral company by 2050, and we are well aware that every action is important in our path to achieving this milestone, ”he explained in a note. Lynn Fiat, Volkswagen Canada Head of Marketing. “So, on this‘ Earth Day ’, we are closing the whole site Awareness of Carbon mold Of the InternetIt also reduces our footprint and planting A tree in Canadian soil for every visit of the day We can get to increase the result “.

Low carbon page This will produce 93% less CO2 emissions than a standard website. To further demonstrate its commitment to creating a more stable planet, Volkswagen Canada has also teamed up. A tree was plantedA global organization focuses on global reforestation, planting a tree in Canada for every visitor to its site.

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The ‘Day to Zero’ campaign is a continuation of last year’s most successful Earth Day initiative.Carbon Neutral Net‘, In which Volkswagen replaced text and images on some of its sites with ASCII text characters. The effect was More than 99% clean browsing experience on more than two million websites Internet carbon is measured by a digital carbon calculator. Globally, Volkswagen is committed to becoming a company Carbon Neutral by 2050. Plans to achieve Many notable milestones along the wayIncluding increasing electric vehicle production to 1 million vehicles per year by 2025; 70 EV models will be available by 2030; Targeting full power generation by 2040.

“By 2021, we’re partnered with Volkswagen to make their website a more consistent browsing experience by converting every image into ASCII text,” he commented. Alan QuangGroup Creative Director of the Agency Taxi / Type1. “This year, we are taking even bolder action: we are shutting down the Volkswagen website for 24 hours. Further educating Canadian audiences Carbon mold Digital“.

The ‘Day to Zero’ initiative is backed by an extensive social media campaign. Carousels of Facebook And Instagram Display images from the ASCII website and outline the automaker’s commitment to a sustainable future, while also being part of CRM, with an e – mail designed to help consumers understand the importance of reducing their digital carbon print. Lead Canadian traffic to the standard #DayToZero site In support of the company’s goal of planting 100,000 trees.


Title: #DayToZero

Customer: Volkswagen Canada
Marketing Director: Lynne Piette

Agency: TIPO1 / TAXI
Creative Director of the Group: Alan Kwang
Arid Director: Oliver Brooks
Copywriter: Mike Richardson
Account Supervisor: Martin Xavier
Director of Accounts: Katherine Tomlinson

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