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The 2024-2025 Serie A1 Hockey League is already full. A2: Forte surrenders. 18 teams registered, the runoff begins

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Registration for the Serie A1 and Serie A2 ice hockey tournaments closed on Monday, July 1. The 102nd Italian league is already full with all 14 qualified teams confirmed.

These are the teams registered: HC Forte dei Marmi, Hockey Trissino, Follonica Hockey 1952, Hockey Sarzana, Amatori Wasken Lodi, Circolo Pattinatori Grosseto 1951, Hockey Club Valdagno, Montebello Hockey, Hockey Bassano 1954, Sandrigo Hockey, Hockey Roller Club Monza, AFP Giovinazzo and the newly promoted Centro Giovanni Calciatore Viareggio and Azzurra Hockey Novara.

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In Serie A2, 18 of the 19 eligible teams have been registered. The only one who has not confirmed its registration is Forte dei Marmi II, as already announced in the media in recent days. However, for Group A, the second team of Breganze has lost its right and is relegated to Serie B, since the first team of Serie A2, relegated from Serie A1, is already present.

Group A – Hockey Briganese, Amatory Modena 1945, Hockey Thiene, Roller Hockey Scandiano, Correggio Hockey, Roller Hockey Bassano, HC Montecchio Precalcino, Serigno Hockey 2012, HC Valdagno
Group 2: Roller Matera, Pumas Ancora Viareggio, Rolleristica Camaiore, Follonica Hockey 1952, Prato 1954, HC Castiglione, Roller Salerno, SPV Viareggio Hockey

There are nine teams registered in Group A and nine in Group B for a total of 18 teams. To reach 20 teams, it will be necessary to redraw two teams (Regulations of Competitions and Championships Article 12 and Article 14.4.1). For Group A competing are Sandrigo Hockey, relegated from A2, Hockey Trissino, runner-up in the Final Four “A” of Serie B, Hockey Pico, 3rd in the Final Four “A” of Serie B, Amatori Vercelli, 4th in the Final Four “A” of Serie B
For Group B, the only one who will be able to reach Serie A2 is GS Hockey Molfetta, the fourth seed in the Final Four “B” of Serie B, since the first (Forte dei Marmi) and the third (Castiglione) cannot be promoted due to having a team already in A2.

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In the event that the teams in one of the two groups cannot be completed, the qualified teams from both groups will be re-formed until the twenty teams required by the rules are reached, maintaining in any case the regional division provided for in Article 14.4 of the Activity Rules.

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