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“Robert De Niro kissed me, so I ran away. “The night my son died, I found a message on the answering machine.”

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Delilah De Lazzaro She has been an icon of Italian cinema and fashion shows since the 1970s. Today, at the age of 71, he has not lost his charm, fueled by a life full of extraordinary experiences. Like the legendary dinner that Robert De Niro unwillingly accepted at the end of it, or the first audition with Andy Warhol. But she is also filled with the immense pain of her son Christian’s death when he was only 22 years old.

Dinner with De Niro

In an interview with Corriere della Sera, the actress and model recalled those amazing years, starting with dinner with De Niro. “I was living in Rome and one day he called Sergio Leone. I knew him well, and we often went on trips with him and his wife. I was very much engaged to a man from Padua, but Sergio starts with these words: “You don’t have any plans this evening, you’re a guest with my friends.” I answer: “But I can’t!…”. He insists. He gave me the address of a bar in Trastevere, Chico, the cart. But Leon said: “Daughter, but you don’t know what Robert did for you to be here tonight.” He told me that if she hadn’t been there, he wouldn’t have made the movie with me. You can’t understand, he called me from New York: ‘Is Delilah here?’ The evening ended with the actress following Delilah throughout the Renaissance, although she openly declared her disinterest: “We arrived at Piazza Navona. I go to the Rafael Hotel, walk in angrily and call a taxi. When the car arrived, Robert kissed me, gave me a lift, and hugged me. I wriggle freely. I say to the taxi driver… Go away: I’m running away, Tahrir!

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But not all memoirs carry the light of Hollywood stars. For Delilah Di Lazzaro, there is a deep personal pain that looms over some, such as the tragic death of her son Christian in 1992: “Christian was born in 1969, and today I will be a grandmother. maybe. He was hit by a car on the evening of May 19, 1992 while he was returning home on a Cassia motorcycle. He was 22, I was 37. I had him when I was fifteen years old. We were very close, and there was never a problem with him.” Of that tragic night, she is haunted by a memory: “I came back at three o’clock, and then I heard the phone… chirp, chirp and they hung up. I wasn’t worried but when I woke up in the morning I found a message on my phone. My automated response was terrible: “Unfortunately, your son is here. He’s at the morgue, he has to come get his things.” But how do you leave a message like that? At the morgue, before I petted him for the last time, I blindfolded him. I wanted to remember him, but while I was alive.”


One of the memories related to cinema is the first audition with Andy Warhol: “One morning the phone rings. “Ready? Here’s the heroine of Carlo Ponti, and we’re waiting for her to audition with Andy Warhol.” I thought it was a joke.” About the producer and Sophia Loren’s husband denying rumors that she is his mistress:
“For me he was like a father. He gave me without expecting anything, a dwarf.”


Among her life’s flirtations were those with tennis player Yannick Noah and Gianni Agnelli. In Avvocato, he tells a story: “One evening I was with him in Rome. Henry Kissinger was there, and I was bored. I’m about to leave and he gives me a pack of cigarettes. I gave him back, “What do I do with it”… Let’s keep it like this for a while. I was about to leave without taking it when his butler, Brunetto, joined me and said: “If the lawyer gives you a gift, accept it.” Then I realized the box was from Bulgari, and I made a down payment on a house.”

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