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“Ridiculous accusations against her”

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the The fifteenth sentence is life imprisonment. They imposed it on him last Friday: Lucy Letby, the Killer Nurseconvicted of killing In everything seven children And that he tried to kill at least seven others in Newborn Clinic Where he worked in Chesterin England. The first sentence had already been passed on them the previous year: but the next day, outside the courtroom, they were sentenced. Dozens of supporters what they gathered for declares his innocencewith a yellow butterfly pin pinned to her chest, the same pin Lucy wore on her nurse’s badge.

Because that is from innocent It is now an army that has expanded from conspiracy sites on the Internet to more dangerous sites. Information bodiesMany do not believe this. blonde in her thirties With a kind smile and an angelic face, may there be The worst serial child killer in British historyThey cling to the fact that Lucy never confessed and that no charges were brought against her. No physical evidence, only evidence. And the circumstances.

There was a thread of disbelief running through the whole story. The nurseShe doesn’t look like your typical killer.“They commented on TV after the first conviction; there is”EmptyAbout this case, he wrote: daily MailEven the investigator who investigated the case admitted that.There is nothing great or terrible about this. that we found about her as a person.”

everyone doubts They were Supported onlinewhere dozens of Sherlock Holmes and self-proclaimed experts from all over the world have spawned every conspiracy theory imaginable. And a very long article has come to their aid recently. New Yorkerthe respected American magazine, which question the conclusions of the trialsThe fact that the piece was blocked online in England did nothing but Reviving megalomania (In fact, it’s just there. Writing about ongoing proceedings is prohibited.).

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But now that The legal matter has come to an end.the guardian We came out this morning with a detailed investigation where, while not preserving Lucy Letby’s innocence, Questions Piece by piece Castle of all accusationsThe British newspaper interviewed dozens of experts, including neonatologists, biochemists, microbiologists, and lawyers, and reviewed emails and documents: The result was the departure More than a doubt On the nurse’s fault.

the medical examinations The premise against Lucy is defined as “Unbelievable” And “inaccurate». The nurse will use Insulin or air injection To cause death of children: but experts consult guardian They classify it hypothesis like “Imaginative“or”silly». One of the most important clues It’s the truth of it. Lucy was Present H On duty when deaths occurredBut mathematics and statistics professors talk about simplicity. coincidence Not a test.

What is certain is that it happened in that hospital. A series of unexplained child deaths:And equally real is the desperate pain of the parents. But as he said to guardian the professor John Ashtonformer director of public health, “You don’t need a serial killer to explain what happened in Chester: Disasters – And this was a disaster – which generally occurs as a result of a convergence of a number of factors. In Chester we are talking about a System failure: It was a poorly run hospital.that was Ambitions Beyond his capabilities governance problems Clinical and environmental”.

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