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“L’amour ouf”, a love hymn exaggeratedly shouted by Lelouch (Score 4)

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Semitones are definitely not my forte Jill Lelouch. «Lamour off” Which the famous French actor presented in the competition as a director (Vote 4) is a list of discontent and transgressions that bombard the viewer’s eyes and ears for 166 minutes, perhaps to hide The thinness of the scenario (Signed by the director with Audrey Dewan and Neville Thompson): Jackie (Mallory Wanek) and Cloutier (Malik Fricka) meet as teenagers and instantly fall in love. But he is drawn to violence and easy money and joins the gang of the cunning Labrousse (Benoît Boilford), receiving a ten-year prison sentence for a crime committed by his boss’s son.

When Clotaire (François Civic) leaves, he wants to find her again, but she (Adèle Exarchopoulos) marries and so he returns to the bad path, until… The ambition was Raise the hymn of loveis able to overcome misunderstanding and heal violence, but everything is like that He said it in such a superficial way He appears in such a tumultuous manner that the good intentions disappear instantly and all that remains is a useless collection of empty motherly scenes: she suffers, he suffers; She cries and he cries. She runs, he runs…

The style of Hindi films is definitely the opposite «Everything we imagine is like light.” (Everything we imagine is light) from Payal Kapadia (Vote 7), a subdued, sad portrait of three unhappy nurses: Prabha has not heard from her husband who has emigrated to Germany for some time, Anu knows that her parents will never accept her marrying a young Muslim man, and Parvati has to return to the village because she has been kicked out for property speculation.

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actually Respected documentary filmmakerThe director seems to want to immerse her heroes in the crowded night city of Mumbai, making us understand the limits that society and education impose on women, and giving herself time to delve into the souls of three friends who only see solutions to their problems. On the power of dreams.

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