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Wire Service Media wants to thank all of our users and partners over our long run started back in 2007, but it's time for the owner to move on.

The sale includes the website, domain name, user base and related social media channels were applicable. Please express your interest to -

Thank you for your understanding and patronage.


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In economic downturns and recessions, like the one we just experienced, companies all over the world are looking at alternative ways to trim down budgets and capital expenses while increasing or sustaining their bottom lines. is a company that supports such initiatives. We are a Canadian business who works with other Canadian businesses.

Hello, my name is Clint Stevens and I have launched to help all types of Canadian Business reach a broader market utilizing social mediums and networks such as facebook, twitter, you tube, blogging and much more. Social marketing is here to stay and will always be a way for you to promote your business.

This idea came to me as I was searching the internet for additional ways to increase product awareness while earning an income; yes, this is for profit. I will admit, this idea is not new to the Internet but new to Canadian business and that’s what is going to make us different – you must be a Canadian Entity. Nowhere else can you get this much exposure for such little investment.

Throughout my career, I have worked for many outstanding organizations where I my role was to increase sales and profits through various business development endeavors. I have always enjoyed the marketing side of business, looking at and understanding of how certain companies thrive and others think they can continue to operate leaving everything status quo. Quite simply, if you do not adapt to change, you will die. We all know that change is necessary and the only thing that is constant. is an avenue which you as a business owner can reach a mass audience by having me (and my kids) promote your product or services by wearing T-shirts or by pixel advertising. So how does this work? The 1st way is to reserve your day. January 1st, 2010 is worth an astounding Toonie ($2) and by the time December 31st rolls around that particular day is worth $730 (365 Toonies). The second way to advertise is through our pixel advertising. Each pixel is worth a Toonie; the ad space is sold in $2.00 per 2 x 2 pixel block ($0.5 per pixel).

So what do you get for the day(s) you purchased for the T-Shirt/calendar buy? Does a lot sound good? I hope so. You mail me your shirt (size: XX-Large Tall) and you get:

• Daily Video on You Tube &

• Daily Photos on the blog & Flickr

• Daily Posts on the blog & Twitter

• Calendar (You/Your Company's Logo & Web site)

• Updates on Facebook

• Links posted throughout our site (Daily Sponsor Links/Current Month Listings)

• Other prominent social media outlets

• Contests, monthly sponsorships, giveaways, etc.

• All of these with me (us) wearing your shirt and sharing information about you, your company and/or your product & services.

Pixel Space advertisers get direct links to their website for an entire year. Every visitor that comes to will see each advertiser’s logo resulting in more exposure.

Stop by my site, send me some feedback and by all means take part. Big question to ask yourself: where are tomorrows sales going to come from? is here to assist you and your business continued success. Let us be your spokespeople.

I appreciate you taking the time to read this and be a part of Canadian Internet history. I truly look forward to working with you and your company to explore the possibilities.

Kind regards,


Clint Stevens


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