Monday, February 26, 2024

Europe Connected from Space: Starting a 6 Billion Euro Satellite Internet Project

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The goal of a fully connected Europe cannot only be achieved on Earth: we need to go to space. For this reason, the European Union has just approved the project initially submitted in 2020, respecting the roadmap that provided for a final examination for the beginning of 2021.

The plan announced by the European Commission aims to ensure “Uninterrupted and global coverage to access safe and cost-effective satellite communications services“, as stated in the official statement, with an infrastructure of 6 billion euros of the total cost (2.4 that allocated in the general budget until 2027) which “It will provide high-speed Internet connectivity, support our existing Internet, increase our resilience and cybersecurity, and provide connectivity across Europe and Africa.“.

the the first goal Brussels has set it for 2025when the infrastructure – which will also include the latest quantum communication technology for secure encryption – begins to activate and make some services available.

For expenditures that, as we have said, will amount to 6 billion, the European Commission estimates predict a beneficial impact on the European space industry with Gross added value who will be understood Between 17 and 24 billion eurosIt will also include creating additional jobs as well as creating a positive economic impact downstream, through those sectors that will rely on innovative communication services. Above all, all EU citizens will benefit from the reliability and performance of the satellite network, which is able to guarantee a high-speed Internet connection throughout the Old Continent, significantly easing the isolation of certain regional realities away from the point of view of network access.

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