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8-Bit Christmas, the comedy about the 80s NES legend is streaming on Infinity+!

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The father, played by Neil Patrick Harris, recalls that in the 1980s, around Christmas, he was willing to do anything to get his hands on a “Nintendo,” meaning the legendary NES. 8-Bit Christmas is a wild family comedy, premiering for a week on Infinity+.

Where were you in the second half of The eighties? Were you there? If you are interested in remembering or simply understanding the channel for a week Infinity+ From the platform Mediaset Infinity Makes available in flow Comedy 8 bit christmaswith Neil Patrick Harris Winslow Fegley: We’re talking about mythical Nintendo Entertainment Systemto friends miscellaneous, the console that relaunched the video gaming trend and became a mini-social phenomenon. The film is located inthe first show“, that is, it is available to all Infinity+ subscribers without additional rental costs, until November 30.

Watch 8-Bit Christmas on Infinity+

8-Bit Christmas, the plot of a Christmas comedy on the NES!

the hero of the story 8 bit christmas It’s Jake (Neil Patrick Harris As an adult, Winslow Figley as a child), which resembles flour Christmas period in the 1980swhen it was literally with the other kids obsessed Of being able to own it and play with it Nintendo entertainment system console. Yes, legendary miscellaneous. Adult Jake tries to tell his daughter Annie about those years when she thwarted his desire to get his hands on an NES. First try to enter the eclectic circle of A.’s friends Rich peersThen he committed with his gang to sell the largest amount of… Christmas wreathsWith the aim of winning the console as a prize. However, parents were against video games.”Which was bad for the brainSo the children decided to take charge…

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A brief history of the Nintendo Entertainment System, or NES to friends

after Crack video game from 1983Many thought that this pastime was just one fad Destined to be soon forgotten. Actually a scientist Home computers as Commodore 64 Or that ZX spectrum It never stopped, but in fact the custom phenomenon did not start again until one year later Control unit He was not able to bring them back into fashion in Mass audience. the Famicom It was introduced to Japan in 1983, but did not reach the United States until 1985 Nintendo Entertainment System (And the following year in Europe). What is the driving force behind the machine’s success and spread? One of its leading titles was, Super Mario Broswas introduced in 1985 and in later years was often sold with the console.
The NES, according to video game historians, is credited with the so-called Third generation consoleswhich saw Nintendo’s system join the unfortunate Atari 7800 And by SEGA competitors, that isSG-1000 The most famous and widespread Sega Master System. The extraordinary success of the NES allowed this Sold until 1995 in the USA and Europe (when the 16-bit SNES successor was on the decline!) or “Mini variety“.

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