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Samsung, Galaxy A52s 5G Has An Unexpected Problem: What’s Going On

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Sudden error. Surprisingly unnatural, it is only about one of the most successful smartphones from Samsung. Surprise because the Galaxy A52s 5G so far is one of the best performing phones in terms of quality and price.

nel bug Galaxy A52 – Adobe Stock

In fact, some users reported a file Problem related Shipping information screen smart phone. According to some posts on the official Samsung Community forums, the problem is Dell Galaxy A52s 5G OfferToo bright when charging information is displayed with the screen off.

The screen is said to be bright enough to create the impression of a backlit. Of course this is not possible, because the Galaxy A52s is technically equipped with a Super AMOLED display, and panels AMOLED They do not have a backlight. Pixels light up or dim individually, which is one of the biggest strengths of the technology Samsung has developed for the Galaxy A52s. That’s what makesAOD (permanent display).

Samsung Galaxy A52s: Convicted Firmware?

Firmware Cell 20220106
Firmware behind Galaxy A52 error? – Adobe Stock

As the community members have assumed, the problem you are seeing on the Samsung Galaxy A52s is likely related to Firmware The cell phone itself, rather than the faulty hardware. A logical theory, given the features of an AMOLED panel.

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The problem is that it is not possible to make more accurate assumptions, since there are no pictures on the Internet to understand where this error is coming from. Moreover, Samsung has not announced any problems, from its point of view, this may mean that the error is limited to only a limited number of devices. The truth is that there is.

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Therefore, the first drawback for a truly functional smartphone. The screen is one of the strengths of the Samsung Galaxy A52s, with an incredible display Super AMOLED + FHDDesigned to reach up to 800nit brightness even under sunlight. L ‘eye protection shield (Vision Protection System) Blue light shields (at least for now) and the flexible screen ensures maximum smooth content when gaming or browsing the web. All in the large 6.5-inch Infinity-O display.

with cameras Galaxy A52s 5G takes your photos to a new level. Activate the 64MP main camera with OIS for crystal-clear photos any time of the day. You can even expand the viewing angle with the Ultra Wide Camera, customize focus with the Depth Camera, or take detailed close-ups with the Macro Camera.

in a “super fixativeWith the Galaxy A52s 5G, the video experience is smooth and above all stable. The combination of the ultra-wide-angle camera and predictive software ensures a quality equal to that of a high-end action camera. With a significant figure, declared price: now under 300 euros. Error excluded ( hopefully).

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