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Catherine Deneuve is the protagonist of the official poster for the 76th edition

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French actress Catherine Deneuve He is the protagonist of the official poster of 76th edition affiliate Cannes Film Festival.

The festival described the selection in a press release issued this evening as follows:

French Riviera, June 1, 1968. Actress Catherine Deneuve poses on the beach pamplonclose Saint Tropezto photograph No shmad to Alan Cavalierbased on a novel by Francoise Sagan. She plays Lucille, who lives a mundane and superficial life, tinged with ease and a taste for luxury. His heart was beating frantically, fast and passionately. Like the heart of cinema that the Cannes Film Festival celebrates every year: its full vital rhythm is felt everywhere. The heart of the Seventh Art—of its artists, professionals, amateurs, and journalism—beats like a drum, to the rhythm of urgency imposed by its eternal nature. The Peau d’Âne actress is the embodiment of cinema, far from the conventional or proper. Uncompromising and always consistent with his convictions, even at the cost of going out of the way. She is inspiring Jacques Demy, Anice Varda, Luis Buñuel, François Truffaut, Marco Ferreri, Manuel de Oliveira, André Cheney, Emmanuel Bercot or Arnaud Desplechin. His collaborations add to the pool of the formidable filmmakers of yesterday and today. Katherine is the link between them all. For more than 60 years, France’s biggest star has never stopped shooting, reinventing himself, experimenting, daring to take on counterintuitive or elementary works. An icon who never stopped and kept his art alive. Deneuve embodies in his own way the wealth of cinema that the festival wants to defend: arthouse films but also high-quality popular films.

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Four years ago in 1968, Catherine Deneuve lit up Parapluies of Cherbourg to Jack Demiwho won the The golden palm in 1964. The following year, repulsion to Roman Polanski He won the Silver Bear in Berlin. They follow Army on the couch to Jean Paul RapinoeAnd The young girls of Rochefort by Jacques Demy e Beautiful during the day to Luis Buñuel. From that moment on, her journey of glory will be filled with delights and commitments that will define the image of the star as well as that of a woman of strong convictions. Catherine Deneuve also in 1971 signed the “Statement 343“, asking the party to legalize abortion and in 2018 a collective text in which a hundred women refuse”Pursue, denunciation and all forms of expedited justice“.

Catherine Deneuve also starred Indochina to Regis WargnierWhich to this day remains the last French winner of the 1993 Oscar for Best International Film. In 1994 he was vice-chairman of the jury chaired by Clint Eastwood that was named the Golden Palm Pulp Fiction by Quentin Tarantino. in 2000, dancer in the dark to Lars von Trier It was the second Palme d’Or in his filmography. In 2005 he was awarded the Golden Palm honor and in 2008, under the chairmanship of Sean Penn, the 61st Festival Special Award for his entire career. In 2016, Catherine Deneuve received the Prix Lumière, which she dedicated to the “Farmers”, and once again surprised everyone.

Cheerful, bold and romantic, a young woman with long blonde hair smiles with confidence at her future.

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It’s a certain form of glamor that Catherine Deneuve embodies: pure, radiant and sometimes aggressive. Such is the indescribable magic that the 76th International Film Festival conveys with this timeless statement. To reaffirm cinema’s glorious present and glimpse a future full of hope. Represents Catherine Deneuve What cinema should never cease to be: devious, daring, irreverent. One thing is clear: necessity.

Official poster for the 76th Cannes Film Festival produced by Heartland Villa (Lionel Avignon, Stéphane de Vives) from a photo by Jacques Garofalo on the set of La Chamade, a film directed by Alain Cavaliere with Catherine Deneuve, Michel Piccoli and Roger Van Houl.

Image Credits: Jack Garofalo / Paris Match / Scoop Poster Credits: Photo © Jack Garofalo / Paris Match / Scoop – Graphics © Heartland Villa

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