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The scariest video game ever? It’s Madison, science says so

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I got there classification subordinate Video games more scary Ever. Not in time for Halloween, okay, but still perfect fall weather (one that horror fans love). Research done by BrandBand Choice the name of the thing intimidation science project He issued a decree, video game more for fear any time. To do this, she relied on a scientific parameter: she monitored repeat Cardiac muscles of players during their playing experience. Hit everyone (and make everyone’s hearts beat) Madison, a video game released in 2022 that not many people know about yet, even if surely thanks to this gold medal, it will quickly become a cult game. They also end up on the podium alien isolation (in second place) e countenance (Bronze Medal). Then there are several interesting titles, such as (in order of scariest): 5 nights at freddy’sAnd the ostlast 2And the Resident Evil 7And the blood borneAnd the Amnesia: a dark originAnd the Woods And the dead space. All of these names are excellent examples of horror video games to say the least, but those who want to blindly trust science have to prove a winner overall. Madison Available on PlayStation, Xbox and PC.

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