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Italian Stock Exchange, commenting on today’s session (March 2, 2022)

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Positive trend for oil stocks despite the strong fluctuations in crude oil prices. Bankers on the swing. Stellantis and Prysmian arrive

The main indices of the Italian Stock Exchange and the main European financial markets shut up a Today is marked by many ups and downsAfter the strong correction he suffered in the previous session.

The FTSEMib It regained 0.7% to 24.534 points after it fluctuated between a minimum of 23,967 points and a maximum of 24,709 points. The FTSE Italia all participated An increase of 0.73% was recorded. plus sign for file FTSE Italia medium hat (+ 0.82%) and for The star of FTSE Italia (+0.95%). And in the March 2, 2022 session, the trading value fell to 3.87 billion euros, compared to 4.32 billion on Tuesday.

It’s 17.30 Bitcoin It was less than 44,500 dollars (about 40 thousand euros).

The BTP-Bund spread It ranged from 150 to 155 points.

L ‘euro It is confirmed to be below $1.11.

Positive trend of stocks in the oil sectorDespite the fact that the price of crude oil in New York (the contract expires in April 2022) fell to less than 107 dollars per barrel after reaching a maximum of 112.5 dollars.

where are you It recorded an increase of 1.95% to 14.53 euros.

better performance for Saipem (+3.84%) e Tenaris (+4.94%).

Stocks swing in the banking sectorAfter the sharp declines recorded in the past few sessions.

Minimum discount for BancoBPM (-0.1% up to €2871). He informed the Institute that he had ceded to Popular Sondrio (+ 1.32%) The investment owned in Factorit, equal to 39.5% of the company’s share capital. The amount is equal to €75 million, in line with the value for which the stake was recorded in the financial statements as at December 31, 2021. Completion of the transaction does not affect the income statement, while having a positive impact on the full interim CET1 ratio parity is 14 basis points compared to the December 31 figure. 2021.

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Positive performance, however, for Intesa San Paulo (+ 1.39%) H UniCredit (+2.11%).

employment Leonardo (-1.5% to 7.994 euros).

Telecom Italia TIM Unchanged at 0.3437 euros, on the day the Board of Directors met to approve the financial results for 2021. The consensus of analysts, published on the company’s website, indicated that turnover was 1.6% at 15.37 billion euros, and the organic gross operating margin fell 9% to 6.26 billion. Adjusted net debt was expected to fall to €21.8 billion.

Positive closing, however, for Stilants (+ 1.02% up to 15,392 €). The Ministry of Transport announced that nearly 111,000 cars were registered in Italy in February 2022, down 22.6% compared to more than 143,000 cars in the same period last year. In the first two months of 2022, registrations in Italy fell by 21.1% to nearly 219,000 cars. Sales of Stylantis also fell sharply. According to what major news agencies reported in February 2022, the group’s registrations amounted to just under 52,000 units, a decrease of 29.2% compared to more than 59,000 cars sold in February 2021.

better performance for prismian (+4.24% up to €30.49). The company has announced that it has been awarded the contract awarded by NeuConnect UK and NeuConnect Deutschland to design, produce, install, test and test a “turnkey” 725 km submarine tie-down that will directly connect the German and British power grids. The contract value is approximately 1.2 billion euros.

Strongly in MidCap MFE-MEDIAFOREUROPE (formerly Mediaset); The stock rose 4.39% to 1,093 euros. The company announced preliminary results for the 2021 fiscal year, which closed with revenue up 11% and net profit of €374 million (+169%).

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