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Early Black Friday Amazon: What it is, how long it lasts and how it works

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I miss a little over two weeks even Black Friday And Amazon decided to get off to a great start in 2021 With two weeks full of offers Even before entering the hottest year. So that it starts on Monday November 8The portal has launched a series of really ridiculous offers, the price cuts of which can easily exceed 50% of the original price!

The initiative is calledEarly Black Friday“, NS It will last 10 days, which leads to what will be the offers Black Friday 2021 from the gate. The beauty is that, contrary to any prediction, this one is Early Black Friday It should not be underestimated at all, because it will provide you with the opportunity to purchase many products at amazing prices, especially given that the catalog of offers is available Featuring an amazing variety, which range from small everyday products to large appliances!

There really is room for everything, with brands like Xiaomi, Sony, Samsung, Rowenta, Oral-B, Huawei and more, with discounts averaging between 25% and 60%, even touch 90% Discount! For this, there are also half an infinite number of new numbers sconto . voucher It can be activated directly on the product pages which will make it available and freely available through Dedicated section specified in Amazon.

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The beauty is that, unlike similar pre-Black Friday promotions, like Amazon Prime Days, this offer Early Black Friday It does not require any subscription to Amazon services to be exploited, and sticking to the offers will require nothing more than a simple browsing on the portal. In short, it is not necessary to be registered in Amazon Prime To be able to enjoy exceptional Amazon discounts, even if subscribing to the service is still highly recommended.

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How to follow Amazon’s Black Friday 2021

The Black FridayYou know, it’s a particularly chaotic time of the year in terms of the show world, and it can be hard to find your way around, which is why the first tip we’d like to give you is Subscribe to the 4 discount Telegram channels, through which you will have the opportunity to stay up to date on opportunities not to be missed, both during Black Friday and the rest of the year. Channels are thematic and dedicated to offers in general, to hardware and technical products, everyone’Sports clothing and products Finally ai Chinese products.

Of course we also suggest that you keep an eye on it Our page dedicated to Black Friday Which, according to tradition, will gradually be enriched with news about the event, and with the first opportunities that should not be missed, coming from various stores on the network. Finally, as a last and basic tip, we strongly suggest that you keep an eye on Amazon pages dedicated to “Today’s Deals“loyal”Flash Offers”, the main points of the portal proposal, through which Amazon will offer a lot of discounts, even in the days immediately leading up to the event.

Subscribe to Amazon Prime

I major clients It’s always been an Amazon favorite, and rightfully so, since it’s a subscription service, yet it’s worth pointing out, even while Black FridayAmazon users can enjoy some benefits, one above all 30 minutes early arrival everybody “Flash OffersMoreover, there are typical advantages that it offers Amazon Prime Which can be particularly convenient, especially in the light of Christmas. For example, we are talking about zero shipping costs, a guarantee of safety on shipments (never lost, the possibility of return in case of damage), but also and above all speed of receipt, allowing you to buy and receive products in a few days, sometimes in less From 24 hours! Moreover, all this has a ridiculous cost, i.e. Only 36 euros per year, s de 3.99 € per monthWith the possibility to unsubscribe at any time. In addition, various services are included in the subscription such as Premium Amazon Prime Video, whose exclusive movies and TV series have always been among the favorites of anyone who loves to enjoy streaming services similar to Netflix.

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» Click here to sign up for Amazon Prime «

» Click here to register for Amazon Prime Student «

However, below we present to you the most interesting offers in Early Black Friday, in what list which, as you imagine, It will undergo many changes over the next 10 days. Anyway, for now, the ones suggested here are the really unmissable packages of offers that Amazon offers to its customers, with which you can access the products with the highest discounts and the most convincing. If you want to get a really complete view of all the available shows, the suggestion is to visit it directly Amazon page dedicated to the pre-Black Friday initiative, where you can consult all existing discounts. Happy shopping!

Best Early Black Friday Amazon Deals

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