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Who is Ronit Elkaptz, today’s Google doodle

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Doodle of the Captz Ronette. Today, November 27, we celebrate the 58th birthday of the Israeli actress, director and screenwriter of Moroccan descent. Doodle today was Illustrated by artist Maya Schleifer.


The Israeli-born painter wanted to honor one of the most iconic actresses of her time who sadly passed away in April 2016 due to lung cancer.

Who was Ronit Elkabetz?

Maybe not everyone knows it, but thanks doodle Today would be the perfect opportunity to find out more. The GoogleIn fact, he wanted to pay homage Ronit Alkaptzan Israeli actress, director and screenwriter of Moroccan descent.

I was born 58 years ago in Beershebaa city in southern Israel, famous for being the largest city in the Negev desert, the actress became famous because she was considered a true icon in her country and in France.

captzThanks to his Moroccan roots, he was able to speak three languages ​​very well: Hebrew, Arabic and French. His father was a postal worker, while his mother was a hairdresser. The eldest of four siblings, she had the privilege of working on a trilogy Vivian Amsalem with ShlomiHis younger brother became manager.

At only 17 years old, A.J tel aviv, She started her career as a model, with the help of her penetrating beauty and maturity that made her look much older than her actual age.

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Film career

In 1990, when he was 26 years old, he had never attended acting courses, he passed an audition for what he was in the beginning captz He thought it was an advertisement: instead it was the movie appointees.

Ronit Alkaptz

From then on it was a series of successes until she became one of the most popular actresses of her time, both in France it is in Israelwon first Ophir Prizean important Israeli recognition thanks to the film Sh’chur in which captz She played the older sister of a family trapped in superstition.

The late marriage and the Squad One of the most successful films in which the Israeli actress participated. the movie Vivian, who was also a screenwriter and director with her younger brother, in 2014 was proposed to represent Israel at the 2015 Academy Awards, but she failed, however, to get the nomination. The following year, in 2015, she was elected president of the jury for the 68th International Critics Week. Cannes Film Festival.

Ronit Alkaptz She also had the ability and privilege to popularize Israeli cinema thanks to the multiple female roles she played during her career.

Private life

Little is known about the Israeli actress’s private life. On June 25, 2010, she married her countryman, architect, Avner Yashar. From their union twins were born, Shalimar And the age. Unfortunately, on April 19, 2016, A.J tel aviv, At the age of 52 she died of lung cancer.

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