The championship From Para ice hockey. three The teams that will fight to conquer the flag: Sports in addition to sitting bullsAnd the Amata Branclion of Varese and the South Tyrol Eagles. After a short break last year with the participation of the Western Barra ice hockey team that saw Sportdebec Toure and Varese’s Armata Brancalione in one team, so we’re back to historical formula.

In addition, to increase the number of games, it will be planned Mixed challengesThe three teams in the tournament scored a “mix” in order to get two more balanced teams. like him The level of competition and intensity will increase It will also be possible for players who play less in the league and who are not included in the national team to grow by playing with more experienced players.

It starts this weekend on the ice Palazzole. Saturday October 22 at 17And the Seated Tori and the South Tyrol Eagles will open the danceWhile Sunday in 10 The first friendly match between blue team and the white team.

This is the Suspension The goalkeeper of the Italian national team and the Sitting Bulls, Gabriel Arudo: “The gap in players between Turin, Varese and the South Tyrol Eagles of Trentino-Alto Adige remains. To address this difficult situation, which is trying to resolve Milan Cortina 2026 Paralympic view, Trentino Alto Adige will loan some of its players when Piedmont and Lombard face each other and vice versa when the two teams face each other .. South Tyrol will loan some players in order to get The championship is as balanced as possible compared to previous seasons. Also in this way we will try to provide more space for the new players in order to involve them more and try to make them grow up and find ready for future appointments.“.

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At the same time, is preparing Italian national teamdriven by Mirco BianchiAssisted by athletic trainer Terry Rosini. The The second blue meetingin Varese From 28 to 30 October next one. The important evaluation test will be Championship in Canada At the end of November, the national team led by Mirco Bianchi will face the host country, the United States and the Czech Republic.

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10/22 2022