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Adam Stewart Shifts Focus With Chestnut Park West from Director of Marketing to Real Estate Sales Representative in Guelph, Kitchener-Waterloo and Surrounding Areas

Chestnut Park West Announces Director of Marketing Adam Stewart Joins in a New Capacity as the Fast Growing Agency Grows to 9 Agents in Less Than 5 Months.

RINJ: Canada Should Release Sabrina Meng Wanzhou

The RINJ Foundation Women, a Canadian-based Civil Society women's group is urging Canada not to be duped by an American ploy to attack the women cherished by its enemy in its Cold War on China.

Canada Should Release Sabrina Meng Wanzhou

Norine Braun Releases Through Train Windows

Norine Braun releases her lush bluesy roots rock album Through Train Windows inspired by her recent cross Canada Riding the Rails tour.

Inadmissible Patrons Program launches in Surrey

The Surrey RCMP, together with the City of Surrey, BC Restaurant and Food Services Association (BCRFA) and Restaurants Canada, are launching the Inadmissible Patrons Program (IPP) in Surrey this week to further support public safety and deter individuals who are associated to violent crime from being in Surrey.

Landmark survey may help prevent sex trafficking

Study reveals parents have a critical window of time to educate their daughters about the risks of online luring and sex trafficking.

Copper - the secret ingredient to pain relief and The Worlds Best Cream

WBC carries a line of copper-based pain relief products and aromatherapy bath salts all using natural ingredients. Founded in 2009, all products are made in Canada and contain copper for its many health benefits. The copper elements can be easily absorbed by the body and work toward treating problem areas, not merely masking symptoms. WBC's pain relief products are Health Canada approved and contain a Natural Product Number.

Loi resserrant l’encadrement du cannabis : les propriétaires de logement seront touchés de façon négative par ces modifications

L'Association des Propriétaires du Québec (APQ) prend connaissance du projet de loi 2, Loi resserrant l'encadrement du cannabis, et constate que Monsieur Lionel Carmant, Ministre délégué à la Santé et aux Services sociaux, veut :

An Aquaculture Act for Canada

Canada's Fisheries and Aquaculture Ministers approve legislative development of an an Aquaculture Act in Canada.

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