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Gas meter, in this very simple way you can cut your bill in half: no one knows how to do it

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Gas meter – passion for technology

The situation from the point of view of the economy and energy in Italy and Europe is certainly not the most prosperous, especially in recent times.

In fact, the expensive energy is spreading across Europe, creating a great deal of discontent across the continent. It all started precisely when the first conflicts broke out in Ukraine, which led to significant consequences for the whole of Europe.

First of all, we remember the reckless increase in the cost of food raw materials, such as peanut seed oil and other related products, which was clearly reflected in a level of inflation in the food sector that had never been seen before.

This was then associated with the increase in the cost of electricity and methane gas, indiscriminately, which clearly led the major supplier companies (such as Enel Energia for example) to increase the cost of the monthly energy bills.

This created malaise across the European continent. Fortunately, the Italian government (as well as the government of other European countries) has taken quick steps, trying to deal with the high cost of energy in the best possible way, in order to help the most needy segments of the population.

Help and useful advice

We mention in particular the Aiuti-Bis decree and the Aiuti-Ter decree, which introduced an energy bonus of 150 euros deducted directly from the cost of monthly bills, in addition to all tax breaks and discounts aimed at those interested in buying new generation appliances, which through less consumption allow significant savings in energy at the end of the year, since it has a higher energy efficiency class.

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Despite all this, many families are at risk of falling into poverty, as they are unable to make ends meet, especially when they are made up of 5 or more members and receive only one income. That’s why we’ve decided to provide you with some helpful tips and tricks, in order to save significant amounts of money at the end of the year.

Self-reading – Tech Passion

In particular, today we will focus on the gas meter, where the car is needed (by the customer himself, obviously), in order to calculate the real, and not imaginary, consumption. It’s a very quick process, allowing you to save a lot if done with standard and smartness. In our case, we advise you to practice self-reading around the middle of the two-month period. It is also indicated on the bill when the self-reading was performed, in order to accurately determine the amount that we actually consumed in that specific period.

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