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WhatsApp, if you have to uninstall it, don’t make this mistake, you are wasting a lot of time and losing everything

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Be careful when uninstalling WhatsApp, you may lose everything. Learn how to recover chats and photos after uninstalling the app.

It might be the most used messaging app in the world, but not everyone prefers it. WhatsApp despite its popularity, its functionality does not satisfy all users who prefer to use other applications. So some people uninstall it.

You may also have happened to you that by mistake, while trying to clean up your phone’s memory, you deleted WhatsApp by mistake. What happens to our account after distillation? Many believe that once the app is deleted, the account will also be deleted automatically, but this is not the case.

If you have uninstalled WhatsApp from your phone, you should know that your account is still registered to the app. So nothing is lost, your messages and all photos and videos of conversations can still be recovered, let’s see how to do it.

How to restore chats and files

Uninstall WhatsApp from the phone memory It does not automatically delete the account. Even after uninstalling, it is possible to restore the profile with all our storages and files shared in chats. There is still a way to get everything back.

After uninstalling Messages are still saved On application servers, it takes very little to get them back. During the reinstallation phase, you must Select the data recovery option. If the app does not give you this option, try to uninstall it again and download it again.

The rule also applies to i whatsapp groupsEven if you delete the app, you can still save it as a group member. This means that when you reinstall the app, you will find your groups and interact with other members again.

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Contrary to what everyone thinks, multimedia content They are the easiest to recover. Firstly, files such as photos are usually already saved in the phone (eg in the gallery). If not, you can restore it through the search WhatsApp folder in archived files, at least for those with an Android smartphone. For those who own an iPhone, on the other hand, they can search the Cloud for content downloaded from the app.

Once you reinstall the app You will see the settings as you left them. Even the contacts remain unchanged, for example if you block someone, they will still be in the blocked list.

The account has been deleted

But things change if you have it Deleted WhatsApp account. Long-term application for 90 days to think again Otherwise, your data will be permanently deleted after these days. Although before these days the data is still kept, you can’t access it, only for legal reasons (cases of fraud or fraud).

Account deletion required:

• Delete from all groups.
• The chat history has been deleted.
• Backup WhatsApp to iCloud and delete Google Drive.
• No access to the account.

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