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Uncover the path of the coffin. William and Harry tonight in the wake of their grandchildren

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There are two days to go to the funeral Queen Elizabeth The itinerary of the King’s final flight was announced, which will leave Westminster Hall to reach Windsor, where the closing ceremony will take place at St George’s Chapel. The coffin will be carried in procession through London to Wellington Arch. Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to be at the event nominated to be the most-watched of all time on television.

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Queues for miles, expect millions of people

Meanwhile, queues continue to honor her Elizabeth II in Westminster Hall. The queue, which has been operating for days, is closed from 9am until noon local time (10am-1pm in Italy) and capacity is limited. She reported this to local authorities, and told many people still intending to honor the Queen’s coffin not to “try to arrive early”. At the moment, the waiting list is limited to people with special needs only. Similar temporary ‘pauses’ were also defined yesterday, to allow continuous flow management. Waiting in line again this morning counts for up to 24 hours.

Grandchildren’s night

An unprecedented mass exodus is expected in these hours to London this weekend which is the last chance to honor the King. This evening, his grandchildren – like his sons yesterday – will participate in a vigil around the coffin: a 15-minute ceremony, in which William will pause to meditate in front of the coffin, and Harry will watch him from behind. The brothers, “at the request of the King” specified at Buckingham Palace, will wear their military uniform. With them were the daughters of Prince Andrew, Beatrice and Eugenia, and then they visited Tindall, Peter Phillips, Lady Louise and Viscount Severn.

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