Home World Massacres on the asphalt (6 dead in 2 accidents), Putin “forever”, so they spy on who we sleep with, a psychiatrist reward of 1,500 euros and other news you need to know to start the day

Massacres on the asphalt (6 dead in 2 accidents), Putin “forever”, so they spy on who we sleep with, a psychiatrist reward of 1,500 euros and other news you need to know to start the day

Massacres on the asphalt (6 dead in 2 accidents), Putin “forever”, so they spy on who we sleep with, a psychiatrist reward of 1,500 euros and other news you need to know to start the day

Good morning from the Today.it editorial team. Here's the news you need to know to start the day: It's Monday, March 18, 2024.

Massacres on asphalt. Last night three young people aged 31, 26 and 23 died (plus three seriously injured) in a collision on state road 100 in Mottola (Taranto). In November, in the same period, 4 deaths. Also on Sunday evening, three others (two very young) were killed and three others were injured on State Road 291 between Sassari and Alghero in an accident between three cars after a crazy overtake. On asphalt it is a massacre, and sometimes we lose sight of the general picture that emerges by connecting the dots: 3,000 deaths annually in Italy, that is, 8 deaths and 600 infections per day, and these numbers are lower than reality. Daily massacre. To expand our view, accidents are the leading cause of death in the world between the ages of 5 and 29 years. In the future, there is only one way forward: comprehensive traffic education starting in primary school. Edustrada is a project of the Ministry of Education, and it should be promoted and spread like wildfire. It's an emergency.

Putin “forever”. Vladimir Putin wins the elections in Russia and obtains a fifth presidential term with more than 87% of the votes. Attributions that have no relation to reality: A No credible opposition candidate was allowed to run. The horizon now is 2030, when he can run for another term and rule until he is 84 years old. How many Russians wrote the names of Navalny or other dissidents, or phrases like “No to war” on ballot papers, will never be known. Timed queues at the polls gave an image of visible resistance that no one expected, but Russia's future is, for now, firmly in Putin's hands.

Secret espionage. State Files: A secret network that spies on the bank accounts of VIPs (whom we sleep with in hotels). Staff and former employees of the Prime Minister's Office and the Ministry of Defense collect classified information and transfer it abroad. The base in Piazza Bologna in Rome. One of the operations coordinated by a French intelligence company. Exclusive investigation by Fabrizio Gatti. Today, she is able to reconstruct the activity of this secret cell, thanks to the stories of some whistleblower witnesses who showed evidence, in exchange for a guarantee of anonymity.

Money to Egypt for immigrants. Prime Minister Meloni's mission is also to Cairo in search of an agreement To prevent flowsAccording to the model stipulated with Tunisia. Money for key flows. But giving so much power to authoritarian regimes, who will use it for internal or economic purposes, has so far not helped slow the departure of migrants. Unfortunately in Italy, the topic is always the subject of political propaganda. It's always too late when you face the reason. All recent Italian governments, both right and left, have outsourced to Libya.

Female pesticides. 22 women have been killed since the beginning of the year in Italy, with an average of one woman every three days. Two murders of women over the weekend. In Rome, a 37-year-old woman was killed by her husband in front of her daughter at the height of a family quarrel. In Torresano, Lecce province, a 50-year-old woman was killed by her husband, who also injured one of her neighbors who intervened to defend her.

Narrow field. After just two tests in Sardinia and Abruzzo, the 'Wide Field' experiment was in danger of collapsing. In extreme cases, an agreement was reached on Basilicata, and the candidate would be Maresi, the prefect of Matera. The vote takes place in a month, and the reconfirmation of Bardi (Forza Italia) is a certainty according to the exit polls. However, in Piedmont, the Pd and M5s will be run separately, exposing a fundamental weakness that favors Meloni. The alternative proposal that could “upset” the center-right, at the national level, today in Italy is simply struggling even to agree on candidates in non-strategic areas.

Bonus psychology. From today you can request a contribution of up to €1,500 per year for psychotherapy sessions, and you have until May 31 to submit applications on the INPS website. The bonus is recognized only once each year for individuals who present, at the time of application, two conditions: residence in Italy and a valid, regular or current ISEE value not exceeding 50 thousand euros.

I would also like to briefly point out:

Gaza. The tug of war continues between Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and international leaders to halt progress in preparations for the massive military operation in Rafah, which is taken for granted. There are one and a half million civilians displaced and crowded into the southernmost city of the Gaza Strip. A humanitarian disaster is afoot.

Biden and key states. According to NBC background information, Joe Biden is “concerned” about his election campaign. In a closed meeting in January, he made no secret of his anger when he presented the polls in Michigan and Georgia, two states he narrowly won in 2020 and cannot afford to lose in 2024 if he wants to win a second term. Trump is far ahead.

The school is closed due to Ramadan. Iqbal Masih Comprehensive School in Pioltello (Milan), with 1,270 students, 43 percent of whom are of foreign origin, is the first school in Italy to take a day off on April 10 to allow students to celebrate Eid al-Fitr, the end of Ramadan. It is not a political choice, but rather an acknowledgment of the situation and an “act of civility” according to the mayor, but the disputes marked with the “Lega” are fierce.

Blue crab summer. Blue crab is everywhere. Fishermen confirm that there will also be problems in the tourist season between Veneto and Emilia-Romagna. In the Polesine region, where 90 percent of Italy's oysters were produced, there are none left. Crab eats everything. The drought of 2022 plus the flood of 2023, anomalous temperatures and exceptional amounts of mud in the sea: the conditions are created for an exceptional reproduction.

Joe Barron. Fiorentina general manager Joe Barone was taken to Milan's San Raffaele Hospital in serious condition after falling ill at the hotel before the Viola's match against Atalanta. The match is postponed and the team is in shock

Juventus collapse. Inter drew at San Siro with Napoli (1-1) and Juventus did not get past a 0-0 draw with Genoa, and the Bianconeri's Champions League qualification, in free fall (one win in eight matches), was no longer certain. Allegri is confused and nervous as he also argues with everyone after the match. Milan surpasses Verona (3-1) and advances to second place.

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