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Hockey, mastiffs hurt themselves

Hockey, mastiffs hurt themselves

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4 for 3 for Appiano with a fake goal from 32 inches from the siren. Mastini is always ahead, even by two goals, but the management of crucial moments has led to several penalties. It is no coincidence that Appiano scored all the goals with at least one player, but also in 5 vs. 3. A match that was dominated by the yellow and black team, which was later brought back to its feet.

Very good effect from Varese from the first recordings played. In fact, the first half tells a game in favor of the yellow and black in terms of possession and space occupation, although a partial goalless draw is fair. Varese didn't risk much and created some dangerous situations up front, where Reinelter always found himself in a good position.

After several offensive attacks by the pirates, in the 24th minute the Mastini team found themselves 5 to 3 and took advantage with Petronero. Shortly afterwards, Tellaro scored the second goal with a beautiful block after a brilliant counter-attack by Sheena.

From now on, the Yellow and Black faced a series of penalties that affected the course of the match and cost them two goals in South Tyrol's comeback. Rottensteiner and E. collide. Mazzacane and each take 5 minutes from the penalty area, but Varese loses clarity and commits some unjustified violations, forcing the team to play even with 3 men for almost 2 minutes and in one of these situations in particular the equalizer comes in yellow and blue. . Before the end of the period, the Mastiffs, once all players have recovered, attempt to heat up the opposing goalkeeper's gloves.

The third period in a row starts well for the Mastiffs, who do well to find the back of the net with a double lead with Majul cutting through Renlter mid-height. Appiano doesn't accept this and tries some timid advances, but the game seems to control the yellow and black, able to close every space and quickly restart. The questionable penalty awarded to Vignoli gives the home team the opportunity to play on the power play, which Maikinen took full advantage of.

A few moments before the end of the period, E Mazzacane and Scheana ended up in the penalty area and the team defended with three men for a seemingly interminable 90 seconds. In fact, 32 inches from the siren comes Radin's goal.
5″ from the end It was Renlter who headed home Naslund's goal. Everything was postponed to the fifth match on Tuesday evening in Varese, at 8.30pm.

Iban Pirates: 70 renl (30 baler), 5 Zublasing, 6 Radin, 8 Frik, 19 Unterreiner, 24 Galimberti, 38 Makinen, 75 Spitaler, 98 H Oberauch, 11 M Oberauch, 12 Chisali, 16 Rothensteiner, 18 Graf 20 Engel, 22 Amici, 23 Raisanen, 31 Critelli, 39 Bardacher, 88 Erlacher, 91 Tombolato. Coach: Niko Aremu Martella
HCM in Varese Hockey: 2 Perla (31 Marinelli), 3 Schina, 4 Vignoli, 5 Naslund, 22 E Mazzacani, 69 Bertin, 13 T. Cordiano, 15 Tellaro, 16 Vanetti, 23 M. Borghi, 27 M. Mazzacane, 32. B. Borghi, 42 Crevellari, 55 Peroso, 71 Magol, 77 Petronero. Coach: Niklas Czarnecki.

Appiano Eban Pirates – HCM Hockey in Varese 4 – 3 (0:0 2:2 2:1)
Results sheet
24'13″ (HCMV) Petronero (Peruso, Vanetti) PP2, 28'40″ (HCMV) Tellaro (China) SH1, 32'45″ (AEP)
Erlacher (Tombolato, Oberauch) PP1, 34'42″ (AEP) Graf (Ryssanen, Raden) PP1, 43'16″ (HCMV) Majul (Perso, Naslund) PP2, 54'08″ (AEP) Mäkinen (Ryssanen, Graf ) PP1, 59'27″ (AEP) Radin PP2


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