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“Double Match”, at Spazio Foer from 15 to 22 September 2022

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It will open on Thursday 15th September at 6pm; Tuesday, September 20 at 5.30 pm Memory game meeting for adults


As it has been for five years now, FIIC, the International Festival of Contemporary Engraving organized by Spazio FoyEr in Trento, ends with a project, a file specially created by specially invited engravers. Eight participating artists, each interpreting the festival theme according to their own feelings, in this version of the game. “Play Doubly. Artistic Typography Makes Game” is the title chosen for the volume made up of this set of prints in monolithic format, 200 x 200, and a limited edition of 20 signed copies.

Sixteen pairs of authors whose pictures have been used to create a real board game, pieces of the puzzle reassembled according to the classic “memory” rules.
The engravings, made using traditional cast and techniques, offer a variety of patterns, colors, and markings that well represent the forms that contemporary engraving can take.
From figurative to abstract, the works created for the “Double Game” volume are a good example that art graphics are still completely modern and outdated even among young people, having in fact managed to interpret the contemporary tastes of modern society.
And to make the exhibition more interesting and interactive in the game, “memory” meetings for adults are planned during the exhibition.

the artist
Eva Ullmann, Enrico Pani, Malgorzata Chomes, Fausto de Marines, Rita DiMatio, Luigi Gulin, Lanfranco Lanari.

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