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‘Patagonia’, Casalese Vavagrossa fights for his first feature film

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He was expecting, after receiving an award in Turin, to be in business with his director friend Simon lumps – who shot some of Manskin’s music tracks and with whom Tommaso started a creative partnership aimed at achieving impressive results – in his first feature film, after winning critics (and two different awards between Turin and Venice) by working on short films.

Currently Thomas favagrossa, a screenwriter from Casalmaggiore who graduated from a Roman school, wrestles with “Patagonia”, his first feature film as a writer, with Bozzelli directed. And according to what was reported by specialized cinema sites, “Patagonia” will soon enter the so-called editing and post-production phase, given that filming ended in recent days.

Bozzelli’s first feature (and Favagrossa on the script) was produced by Wildside and Vision and will be released in theaters distributed by Vision. The year is not yet known, but it is likely that it will be released in 2023. “A great trip like everyone who accompanied me”: With these words Simon Boselli commented on Instagram about the end of filming for his movie. First feature film as a director. Favagrossa also wanted to celebrate this moment, posting the news on his Facebook profile.


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