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Love and War in this historical Netflix movie that will make you laugh and cry thanks to the great cast

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Sometimes finding the right movie to watch can be a real ordeal. It may seem like we’ve already seen everything on our channels and at other times we just can’t decide. This is why the tips are so useful, as they can introduce us to a movie we might not have known yet or had never thought of from that perspective. Among them may be a small pearl that, despite the difficulties and pains, will make us feel at ease. Here, in fact, there is something for all tastes, as this film can be defined as dramatic but also comedic, romantic and historical. All the ingredients are there and find a perfect harmony thanks to the masterful cast and acclaimed director.

movie and plot

Love and war are the main themes in this movie. In fact, it takes place between the start of World War II and its aftermath. In this difficult period, the writer finds fame and popularity. This is Juliette Ashton, a young woman full of initiative and sarcasm looking for inspiration. This unexpectedly comes in the form of a letter. Written by his fellow Englishman, Dawsey, who lives on the small island of Guernsey, he has been given an old book by Juliet. Hence the close correspondence that led to the discovery of the “Book Club and Guernsey potato peel cake”. This funny name is the title of the movie and book of the same name on which it is based.

Juliet decided to travel to Guernsey to get inspiration and write a book based on this original club. Her boyfriend doesn’t agree, but Juliet is determined and will actually end up meeting Dawesie. However, this iconic island would give her more than inspiration, without thinking about the great mystery of Elizabeth, the woman who disappeared because of the Germans.

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This film addresses important themes such as love and war, as well as through the need and right to culture and independence.

Love and War in this historical Netflix movie that will make you laugh and cry thanks to the great cast

The movie is available today on Netflix, after being at the top of the charts for 11 weeks since its release. The book on which it is based Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie SocietyWritten by Mary Ann Schafer and Annie Barrows. The director instead is Mike Newell, same The Man in the Iron Mask, the Mona Lisa Smile, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire And the Four weddings and a funeral.

The cast is also very respectful, with Lily James To play the hero. Accompanied by Michelle Huisman, Glenn Powell and Matthew Judd. Then Major Jessica Brown and Penelope Welton played Elizabeth and Mrs. Morgie, respectively. Both of these actresses played major roles, as in Downtown Abbey.


Thriller based on a true story and winner of 3 Oscars and 3 Golden Globes is available on Netflix

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