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Research space with a conference on chemicals in the living and working environment and a study on the distribution of oncological diseases

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LILT is 100. The 100th Anniversary of the Italian League Against Cancer. The only public body based on associations, headquartered in Rome, LILT operates throughout the country with the specific goal of fighting cancer by promoting cancer prevention. It also does this through more than 100 regional divisions.

a little history
It was February 25, 1922 when the Italian Union Against Cancer, an embryonic organism from LILT, was born in Bologna. In 1927 it was legally recognized as a non-profit organization. An activity in the fight against cancer begins, and is promoted and expanded nationwide both in hospitals and in the arenas through awareness campaigns. In 1942, for example, it was LILT who created a new hospital medical record model, for the statistical compilation of epidemiological data on cancer. On the other hand, in 1953, the “National Cancer Propaganda Day” was celebrated, the street’s first fund-raising initiative, specifically aimed at combating smoking. In 1965 he joined companies, factories, and public offices to promote early diagnostic tests targeting all workers, especially cervical cancer. In 1975, LILT was recognized as a non-economic public body. Its activities are carried out under the supervision of the Ministry of Health and in cooperation with the regions, governorates and municipalities. The financial statements are reviewed annually by the State Audit Bureau. In 1989 she became the promoter, in Italy, of the first European Week Against Cancer. LILT joins the ECL (European Cancer League).

What does LILT . do?
LILT’s activity operates on a non-profit basis with the primary corporate mission to spread the “Culture of Prevention” as a way of life. It mainly deals with:
Primary prevention (lifestyles and habits: anti-smoking, environmental and occupational carcinogenesis, proper and healthy diet, regular physical activity);
secondary prevention (quick actions for increased early diagnosis);
tertiary prevention (care of the patient, rehabilitative aspects – physical, psychological, social and occupational – and their family members);
scientific reseach;
LILT Centenary Initiatives of Massa-Carrara
During this special year, in which the 100th anniversary of the association’s activity is celebrated, the regional department of Massa Carrara is planning various initiatives, aimed on the one hand to spread awareness and raise awareness, and on the other hand for real and private scientific research.

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Membership and promotion of national campaigns
Thanks to the volunteer work of different doctors in the area and a network of volunteer staff, the Massa Carrara department participates in several prevention and awareness campaigns, which will also be carried out in 2022:

National Cancer Prevention Week March 19-27;
World No Tobacco Day, May 31;
Skin Cancer Prevention Campaign, June 17-19;
Gender Awareness Campaigns: “LILT for Women Pink Ribbon Campaign” October 1-31;
“Blue Ribbon Route” November 19-27 campaign

Awareness initiatives in cooperation with
local associations

These are sports, music and theater events, which LILT will implement along with other facts in the county with the aim of spreading the message of prevention and, at the same time, raising funds to carry out its activities.

“LILT for via Francigena On Foot,” May 8-10;
Game Reboot 2nd Edition: July 31;
Music Sulle Apuane X release: September 4 in collaboration with Massa’s CAI department;
“Na moghja in Stazion and n’altraen piazza di Culi … with respect to speak” (Taxi a due piazzas” to Ray Cooney: A dialect comedy with the theater troupe “Pan fatto ‘n cà”, probably between October and November;
Inauguration of the “Pink Ribbon” memorial

Medical/scientific initiatives
“Blue Ribbon Youth” October 2021 – June 2022 by Dr. Fabrizio D’Alessandro
It is an experiment that really began last year, with purposeful meetings in schools. “The draft visit – explains Fabrizio D’Alessandro – was a form of widespread screening for humans but was canceled in 2005. So a need arose on the part of LILIT along with the three regional Rotary Clubs to fill this gap through the creation of the Prevention Project, which we launched It has the name Nastro Azzurro Giovani and brought us to 10 schools in the district with 893 students, 420 of whom are male in two phases: recruitment of young people and their awareness also in the prevention of andrology and the second phase of a clinical clinic and a useful point of view in LILT Thanks to prevention – concludes D’Alessandro – we can Imagine the future and change it to our advantage in the present.”

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“LILT Enters the Factory” by Dr. Dante Cesaretti

Through research conducted by SWG on behalf of National LILT aimed at knowing men’s sensitivity to cancer prevention, more than 50% of interviewed people stated that they had never had medical exams, even among those who for various reasons had higher. risk factors. The “LiLT in factory” project was born on this basis with the aim of moving directly to places where the male presence is greatest, such as local factories. And this initiative, thanks to the cooperation of employers who will provide it, will host it from November 19 to 27. “Even for tumors of the male genitourinary system (cancer of the testicle, penis and prostate) – confirms Dante Cesaretti – the accuracy of the diagnosis correlates with the best prognosis with the least complexity of treatments. Annual examination allows identification of tumors of a few millimeters in size, with a very favorable prognosis, in fact up to The cure for this disease is up to 90%. Therefore – he concludes that raising awareness of prevention is critical.”

Conference “Health and Chemicals in the Work and Living Environment” by Dr. Carlo Manfredi

The well-being and health of the population and the planet are severely threatened by climate change, the consumption of non-renewable energy resources and the general degradation of ecosystems as a result of pollution from human activities. Many man-made chemicals enter food chains and disrupt endocrine systems, leading to infertility, chronic degenerative diseases, and cancers. That is why it is necessary to clean the environment from their presence and avoid unconscious manipulation with them. “Many of these substances – explains Carlo Manfredi – have been inherited by our industrial region and are characterized by the ability to persist for a long time in the environment. That is why we need to deepen our knowledge of the history of the settlement to which we belong to take the most effective countermeasures. He concludes that many diseases of a degenerative nature Neoplastic or chronic can be countered by hydrating environmental factors and promoting protective lifestyles and behaviors. We must advocate for health in the workplace and in everyday life.”

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“Epidemiological research on cancer in the province of Massa Carrara”

This is a specific research project in the province of Massa Carrara, which aims to study the relationship between lifestyles and behavior in the environment and their effects on health. The epidemiological surveillance of tumors is placed in this context with the development of accurate data necessary to know the tumor disease in the province of Massa Carrara.
Where such research has been conducted, it has not only contributed to updating data on tumor incidence, mortality and distribution, but has also made it possible to highlight the epidemiological differences associated with different social and health realities in the country. This data then enabled the launch of specific primary and secondary prevention intervention projects in collaboration between multiple components of the national health system and LILT county associations.
“The aim of the project – explains Pietro Bianchi – is to create a real report that provides a detailed picture of the distribution of oncological diseases in the region that will be increasingly specific and distinct, outlined by a map broken down by region. This would allow us to understand whether there are diseases linked to one region without another and what are the characteristics, what are the risk factors and what is the incidence of lifestyles.” The framework is essential to create a useful guide in order to guide aspects of health planning and deepen studies of all those cancers, related to lifestyles or potential causes of environmental or occupational exposure, areas where accurate knowledge allows more and more targeted and effective preventive interventions.

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