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Godzilla and Kong: The New Empire. Review

Godzilla and Kong: The New Empire.  Review

Childlike, loud and fun, like a child making up a story about a doll fight in his bedroom. It doesn't have any memorable elements but is packaged in an attractive way.

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Godzilla and Kong. New Empire that it Game movie More aware of his nature than he was Barbie. In fact, Greta Gerwig was not shy about taking her story to the public Past fun In playing with the popular doll. However, his memories were intertwined with dozens of other reflections, to which a heated summer discussion was later devoted. Adam Wingard's film has the same depth as a child coming up with a story that pits two puppets against each other. The plot is thin and rough but that is the necessary condition to ensure an afternoon of fun. Who knows if Mattel will take this into consideration, now that it's outlined its new film division.

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the new high demand It is not directly connected to a line Action figures But he acts as if he is. Long gone are those days when Godzilla (2014) attempted to encode a new tone for i Monster movies. Gareth Edwards has created an exceptionally horrific film, in which the men are reduced to helpless extras. His intuition about our insignificance was confirmed, but dramatically reversed. interactions between them Homo sapiens It is reduced to Enter Which oscillates between sentimentality and improvisational drawings. Our existence is more and more voluntarily marginalized by In the Bedrooms There is no place for them.

the Creatures They continue to compete for land as if we and our cities do not exist. However, the early films were respectful of the consequences of their battles. The men were unable to determine the outcome but suffered losses and deaths. The struggle between their power and our power Arrogance She retained a central role. Now, the problem for the man who thought he was at the top of the food chain is… To the utmost extent The basis of funny dialogue. Godzilla destroys buildings, monuments, and infrastructure as his own collateral damage Clumsy They weren't there. Cars fall off collapsed bridges because of him mistake It's nothing more than fleeting CGI effects. The helicopters watching him while he sleeps inside the Colosseum are nothing more than mosquitoes on a summer night.

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It still makes sense to wonder what it might become Commercial franchise From Warner if he doesn't break up completely? For now, the path seems clear and the consequences are in the pipeline for the public to secure takeovers. The eventual shift towards a childlike approach is also underscored by the visual structure of the show. the Storyboards The school-age screenwriter would have been identical and would have relied equally on social media images and the most popular movies. So, the fictional Hollow Earth is another form of Pandora, while the numerous ruined cities look as attractive as an Instagram filter.

Irreversible choice Godzilla and Kong. New Empire Have you undermined its potential or transformed it into more coherent terrain? The answer depends on your level of bias towards A Tokusatsu One hundred and fifty million dollars. The film is incredibly enjoyable for those who have been waiting for a new episode of it Ultraman He imagines one vision I did better. It doesn't have any memorable elements but it's attractively packaged and manages two hours of viewing without faltering. King Kong searches for a family as an exile, and Godzilla defends our civilization in his own way. In the end, the two-thousand-year-old rivals find themselves united once again by the intercession of a great comeback. the villain It will make someone remember a terrifying version of King Louie The jungle book.

So far, the answer to who is the stronger between the two was given in the previous episode. There are still many questions and now the two struggle to prove who has the scariest scream. the Debt It is the common denominator Godzilla and Kong. New Empire And Adam Wingard manipulates him in the most effective way to achieve his goal.

Original title: Godzilla x Kong – The New Empire
Director: Adam Wingard
Cast: Rebecca Hall, Brian Tyree Henry, Dan Stevens, Kylie Hotel, Alex Ferns, Fala Chen, Rachel House, Rom Thick, Chantelle Jamison, Greg Hutton, Kevin Copeland, Tess Dupree, Tim Carroll, Sophie Emerson-Payne, Chika Ekogwe.
Distribution: Warner Bros. Italy
Duration: 115'
Origin: USA, 2024

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