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The $300 million Prime Video miniseries by the Russo Brothers has been badly panned by critics

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Debuting today on Prime Video Citadel, the spy series that the Russo Bros. brothers have signed on with Richard Madden and Priyanka Chopra, but critics haven’t taken kindly to the ambitious show.

Reception of the Russo Brothers’ new spy series, fortan ambitious Prime Video project that boasts a stellar budget of $300 million, receives a sumMixed reception from critics.

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Castle: a scene photo

The series, starring Richard Madden and Priyanka Chopra, did not receive very positive reviews despite its big budget. The Hollywood Reporter called the series “simply harmless” He went on to say: “Fans of the stars Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Richard Madden will at least get some eye candy, but overall nosy viewers will struggle”. A Rolling Stone review was equally negative: “The Castle is well below quality. It’s bland and generic and very cheap looking, especially considering the cost.”

Citadel reversed suspicions that the series would not last long, explaining that the series would not last long “It doesn’t even live up to the minimal expectations of the Russo directors and their tired brand of midrange thrillers for middle-aged dads”. The detour is also crucial, as it indicates that the castle “It relies heavily on speed and quick dialogue, and instead of the expected sequence of delicious courses, it provides us with the entire meal in one go.”

Citadel, The Russo Brothers on Amazon: “Nothing like this has ever happened on TV”

Unexpected costs of the castle

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Castle: a scene

Here you find our review of the first episodes of Citadel. As it was recently revealed, the budget for the ambitious series has skyrocketed due to behind-the-scenes issues. The show was originally a partnership between the Russo Bros’ independent studio AGBO and the Midnight Radio writing group, which consisted of Josh Appelbaum and Andre Nemec. The duo left Midnight Radio mid-production of the series in 2021 due to creative differences with the Russos, which led to David Weil taking over as the new showrunner. Due to the sudden change in direction, the series has seen several relaunches in 2022 and the budget has increased to $300 million, making it the second most expensive series of all time.

Citadel: Prime Video announces the production of the Italian branch of the franchise with Matilda De Angelis

Castle story

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The Castle: Stanley Tucci in Scene

Citadel stars Richard Madden and Priyanka Chopra Jonas as agents Mason Kane and Nadia Sinh, and is described as an action-packed espionage series, a vast, game-changing global event involving a number of motherships and numerous local satellites. The show will give life to some spin-offs in different countries and languages ​​set in the Italian Alps, India, Spain and Mexico. The stars will also trade with Stanley Tucci and Leslie Manville.

Despite the negative reviews, the good news for Citadel is that it received an early renewal for a second season in March. The six-episode first season premieres on Prime Video today, April 28th, with the first two episodes.

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