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“Without a hat…”, beware of the comment – Libero Quotidiano

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Exceptional fan of Matteo Berrettini. Or maybe, a suitor. The handsome 28-year-old Romanian tennis player is back from a stellar performance WimbledonHe was eliminated in the second round but with his head held high after the last point match against his friend. Jannik SinnerA stunning Italian derby that will surely leave no one indifferent. Lori Del Santo.

“Thank you Wimbledon. It is always an honour to compete in front of you all on Centre Court. Congratulations Jannik Sinner. Great fight,” wrote Berrettini on Instagram, who has already reached the finals of the four Grand Slams in England in 2021. Translation: “Thank you.” Wimbledon is always an honour to compete in front of you all on Centre Court. Congratulations Jannik Sinner. Among the hundreds of comments from fans excited and moved by the scene witnessed on the court, suddenly appeared the message of the 56-year-old actress and showgirl who revealed herself on television as very young in the early 1980s and who was launched by Antonio Ricci in Driving in: “You look better without a hat…” More of an emotional comment than a technical one, no doubt about it.

But what a match of the century!: Adriano Panatta hits hard against Sinner and Berrettini

The so-called aesthetic note does not deceive. The always attractive Laurie has a real passion for the bat and the ball, as was demonstrated some time ago when she gave an interview with A day like a sheep On Rai 1 Radio, “I’m in Los Angeles, I woke up at 5 to watch a tennis match. My Musity Against Sinner and found out that Jannik was injured. These new tennis champions are made of porcelain, once upon a time. Nadal I won Roland Garros 14 times in a row, but after two tournaments it was really destroyed…”

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Jannik Sinner and Matteo Berrettini, 4 hours of Italian rest: After Italy's failure..

Former contestant of The famous island And Big Brother VIPas well as the director of the legendary web series Mrs.But he defended Berrettini against criticism from those who put him in the crosshairs of his history (which ended at the beginning of 2024) with Melissa Sata: “But since he’s injured, he should enjoy himself. I don’t agree with these attacks, but it’s not true that he’s sick because of Sata, a super athlete.” Obviously.

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