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Lawyer battle against megastore-

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From Giacomo Valtolina

Judge orders Mac Book Pro back to Gaetano Bragh: for now it is being held in Piazza Liberty after a dispute over unwanted repairs that caused an appreciation

Imagine the scenario that fears most of any citizen without specific computer skills: owning a computer, and continuingModernization subordinate software And the You suddenly find yourself unable to connect cables, switches, or external archives. The inevitable next step will be to contact the manufacturer (in this specific case apple and fashion designer a store in The Freedom Yard), by attributing the full assets of its private and sensitive data to the interest of the multinational giant, allowing itself the reassurance of solving the problem, as the diagnosis begins and An estimate below the cap of €560 plus VAT (683.20 euros). When will the surprise be delivered? The cost of intervention is raised to the maximum, Thanks to the number of unapproved interventions such as screen replacement. A single disputed decision, which causes a refusal to return and threatens to destroy the computer, with many of the five perpetrators attempting to justify a case – for the lawyer involved in the case – for unlawful detention.

Well, it is clear that Almost a full share of customers undergoing the same transaction preferred to pay the required amount In order to get his laptop back, without any will or ability to venture down Kafka’s whirlwind of an expensive legal dispute, it’s complicated even for a veteran bumblebee. In fact, Prague had to create a long series of controversies, To protect a right – which is his own, but also in the abstract for thousands of citizens closely associated with Apple’s brand technologies – with two urgent appeals to the commercial method used (which has civil and criminal implications), Complaint to the privacy guarantor for unlawful possession of sensitive data, Rejected by Apple until seeking conciliation, according to Policies multinational. To which, yesterday, a file was added complaint Through the judicial police for its failure – at the present time – to return the computer.

These are standard business practices – explains Prague – which individually show small numbers but when added together generate very significant numbers. A lethal mechanism, a form of blackmail This increases the very low percentage of customer disputes. Whoever pays, in effect, signs a discharge that waives any further dispute. In fact, the communication modalities between Apple customer service and Bragh, with Lawyer had to send some certified emails (Pec) before you were contacted by a call center located in Iceland, without any written contact whatsoever (except for a diagnostic result sent to an Apple ID email address that has been inactive for years), ventilated The fate of the computer in the event of non-payment: destroying it without alternativesNot even delivering data in any other form through a simple method to support.

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The I had to make it a matter of principleI have announced technical information about what happened on the review sites, But for non-lawyers the only way is to engage consumer associations. Meanwhile, since May without 23 years of archive data, I haven’t really checked my computer yet I had to buy another one. Moreover, for the sake of compatibility, despite myself, it’s still a Mac….

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