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Men and women, the son of Biagio di Maro is gay, here is the reaction of the knight of the throne

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Giuliano Di Maro, interview in the men’s and women’s weekly.

Fares Campania Biagio di MaroHe is certainly among the most famous and most discussed faces On the throne of men and women. This week, in The official magazine for men and women, have been interviewed Giuliano’s son Who told some stories about his father.

The 28-year-old, who lives in London and works as a manager of a café near St Paul’s Cathedral, wanted to tell some aspect of the Knight of Campania, anything other than being closed or old-fashioned. In the beginning when Biagio He told the family that he had written to the men and women, he and his two other brothers, thinking it was a joke, but that they were all glad later that the father could rebuild life after the great pain of losing him. wife.

Giuliano, as mentioned, wanted to confirm that his father was nothing but an old-fashioned or intolerant man. boy said How did the father react to her having an affair with another man. “My dad, for example, never judged my choices. I’ve lived with a partner for eight years and he accepted this relationship right away.”Giuliano said. “My father, as I told you, is neither a liar nor a liar at all. He raised us with great love, taught us the importance of respect, and with immense dignity. He has always encouraged us to carry on in our thoughts.”He completed.

It’s unfortunate for the kids to hear the accusations that the father is on the show just to show up. Biagio lost his wife Giuliano declared that this was all for him. right Now Knight He lives alone and after experiencing the tragedy of loss, takes part in the program, deciding to continue trying to find lost happiness.

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Although he couldn’t find her yet, the man mentioned that the perfect woman for him would be a combination of Gemma Galgani, Isabella Ricci and Angela Bowney. About Sarah ZelleInstead, he admitted that he convinced him at first, but then doubts about him began.

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