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Love and Jealousy in the Twenties –

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to Giuseppina Manin

A film about relations between a man and a woman by Hungarian director Ildic Ennedi

Stomach weight, nausea, loss of appetite. Evil of the seas, says the cook on board. The only remedy, adds Bejo, someone who knows a lot, is to get married. The hypothesis was never considered by the clumsy and lonely Captain Jacob. For a sea dog like him, marriage is nothing. But then, having reached the mainland, while sipping a beer in a bar, he decided to put the advice into practice and bet by chance: Yes, he would marry. The chosen one will be the first to enter the club.

Fate is that he thwarted an unappetizing old woman Who goes back to the past, to cross the fatal threshold is Lizzie, so charming and unsettling that he does not hesitate for a moment: Do you want to be my wife? The beauty looks at him, smiles at him, surprisingly says yes.

It starts like this, with the most unsettling marriage proposal My wife’s story For Hungarian director Eldec Ennedi, who has already won the Golden Bear in Berlin and the Camra d’Or in Cannes, where the film was in competition in 2021 and now, as of April 14 (distributed by Altre Storie), arrives in cinemas. Protagonist La Seydoux and Gijs Naber, along with Louis Garrel, Sergio Rubini, Jasmine Trinca.

My first time making a movie out of a book – says Ennedi from his home in Budapest -. My wife’s story By Milan Evest It was a novel about coming of age for me as a teenager. Only recently, after the birth of the MeToo movement, did the story of love and jealousy come back to my mind. But from a completely different perspective. Taking Fst straight to Jacob’s head, in the flow of his inner monologue, my challenge was to suggest Lizzie’s point of view. And then everything changes: the strong, self-confident sailor, accustomed to controlling every situation, collapses under her gaze like a giant of mud.

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Relaxed in the male world of the ship, Where roles are clear and unchanging, Jacob becomes a fish out of water when he lands on Planet Woman. As an honest man, he tries to understand, to adapt. But he can’t do it, he’s trapped in tradition, needing to control everything. There is a lot like it. My movie for them, for the guys who chase after the female so early on.

Sure, it looks like Lizzie is doing her best not to get caught: mysterious, elusive, unpredictable, unbearably flirtatious with the handsome Garrel. It can be understood that the poor captain is going crazy. His agonizing patience, roasting in the abyss of jealousy, arouses even more in revolutionaries than in women sympathy for him than for her.

Lizzie does nothing to reassure him Because she wants to love and believe without proof. His secret teacher, he is the one who pushes him to leave and leave him. Jacob will only understand the lesson at the last moment, and it will happen in an incredible way. It’s a long, hard and tumultuous road, but it’s worth it. A century ago like today. It sounds unbelievable but many men are attached to the old rules of suspicion and possession. Husbands and mates are still in the midst of a painful change. And it doesn’t take much to go back. We women, precisely because we are advanced, must help them grow, and bid farewell to the culture of patriarchy gently. A movie about the human condition, showing how life slips through our fingers when we want to control it.

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Sympathy these days goes to the many Ukrainians who are sufferingMy daughter hosts a young refugee couple. What I see in their eyes is inevitable. Hope for peace is difficult but necessary. I rely on artists more than politicians. In many who have been suffering in Russia for years and can not express themselves. I hope you can finally hear their voices.

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