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Canada’s first fully self-sufficient and sustainable eco-village will be built

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In Charlevoix, in the Canadian region of Quebec, it will begin next spring Construction of the first eco-village that is completely self-sufficient in terms of energyUnder guidance GeolaganA Canadian company that specializes in selling rooms for short stays.

Created around A A geothermal pool, the eco-village will be completely self-sufficient and generate excess energy: The area on which the campus will be built is large 12,000 square meters and offers hundreds of rooms.

In addition to geothermal energy, various strategies have been implemented to make the village energy autonomous, the most interesting of which is currently patent pending. In total, It exploits a vast thermal reservoir located under the lagoon and is integrated into a real energy ecosystem with geothermal, solar and biotechnologies.. The reservoir is powered by geothermal energy It keeps the water at a constant temperature of 70°C It provides an effective solution to the region’s low temperatures, which reach several degrees below zero in winter.

Group of Engineers AkonoviaA Canadian company engaged in renewable energy development, 100% coverage of consumption is ensured by clean and geothermal energy, in which water consumption of the eco-village will be reduced by 90-95% due to rainwater harvesting and filtration system.

Once additional clean technologies such as wastewater heat recovery, rooftop photovoltaics and heat pumps are added, the housing complex can produce more energy than it needs for its daily needs.

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