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Movies to watch on Netflix | Cinema

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The screen turns on, you go to Netflix, log into the account you just created, choose your profile picture and… you find yourself in front of hundreds of movies, a limitless catalog where there is truly spoiled choice of movies. Because the popular streaming platform isn’t just TV series (If you want to know the most beautiful thing you can see click here), but also has a rich variety of feature films produced by Netflix (or acquired as the Netflix Original).

To orient yourself and not waste time, by going straight to the basics, we have created a list of the best movies to watch on Netflix. The order is not hierarchical, all the proposals you find are chosen on the basis of their historical, artistic value and sometimes their impact on the growth of its presence in the audiovisual panorama and the change in the language of cinema after meeting with the live broadcast.

Recommended for anyone who has the courage to face a realistic and painful story of war.

Monsters without a nation Written and directed by Kari Fukunaga, director of the first season of real detective Based on No time to die. Agu lives in West Africa, when war enters his village, he is forced to become a child soldier and fight for his survival. Within Uzodinma Iweala’s challenging novel, the film finds some images of a disturbing beauty who remembers Kubrick and Coppola.

Recommended for those who want to discover movies that are shown as episodes.

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs is a spin-off film directed by the Coen brothers. It is counted among the core works that helped bring Netflix into the festival circuit and was among the titles that opened the platform’s authors production. Wild western divided into six floors with different tone and duration. Perfectly in line with the directors’ great cinema, it is among the best things you can find on the platform.

Recommended for those who love family stories.

Alfonso Cuaron’s semi-autobiographical film, Rome is a wonderful family mural. Beautiful black and white is used to illustrate the unusual character of Cleo, a family maid living in Mexico City in the 1970s. Between the desire to escape and the limitations that social status imposes on women, ROMA is a profound reflection of pain and society. It is among the best movies that you can watch on Netflix.

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Recommended for those who want basketball, trials and Soderbergh together.

This isn’t the first time Soderbergh has shot a movie entirely on an iPhone (he had already done so crazy). To see, though, it’s always a shocking thing. A New York sports agency is in crisis, employees go on strike, and the intertwined fates of the careers of agents and their players. prolonged and well-behaved, high flying birds He pushes to the limit in a realistic stage so that he is dislodged and the score is the winner. Not for everyone, but it will appeal to many.

Recommended for anyone who wants to see the conclusion of an important chapter in poetry by the poet of the master of cinema.

Martin Scorsese looks back and concludes the open speeches with I mean the streetsAnd casino, These good guys. A dignified and sad film, it closes radically. Historical significance of Irish It also extends to the collaboration between the director and the platform, a sign of a radical change in times and the new creative possibilities afforded to directors for ambitious, high-budget films.

Recommended for those who want a great melodrama that also knows how to measure.

Noah Baumbach presented his best film, “Marriage Story”. The love and painful separation between Charlie and Nicole Barber (Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson) is viewed with great sympathy. The film has a good balance between the two perspectives of one and the other, but when they collide, you are left speechless. Two extraordinary interpretations of a captivating film.

Recommended for revolutionaries.

Narrated by Aaron Sorkin Chicago trial 7, a group of activists who opposed the Vietnam War. The film goes fast with a backlog of sharp dialogues as the screenwriter is always used to us, and here is the director as well. There is his usual rhetoric, the idea of ​​being able to change the world or at least motivate viewers through the film. But the execution was so overwhelming that all of this took a back seat. What comes out is a clever, well-made movie that is impossible to separate from.

Recommended for those who want to know more about the history of cinema.

David Fincher honors screenwriter fourthHerman J. Mankiewicz, beginning with a topic written by his father. mank It’s a much more personal job than expected. In elegant black and white, he attempts to reproduce the style of Orson Welles. An artificial endless process of bullying thanks to the interpretations of Gary Oldman, Amanda Seyfried and Lily Collins. For another cinema taste.

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Recommended for those who think they don’t like Paolo Sorrentino.

After success, fame, Oscar, Paolo Sorrentino made the film “The Apprentice” to understand his own cinema. It was God’s hand It starts from the real death of the director’s parents to tell the motives that guide his cinema through the fictional character Fabietto Schisa (Sorrentino’s altered egos). The result is the simplest movie he loves, but also his most exciting and moving. David the winner.

Recommended for those who want to travel in memories.

Richard Linklater and the Rotoscope: Love and Insight’s Invention. distance waking life And Darkley Scanner The director returns to using the technique of mixed animation drawn on the actors filmed live to explore once again his amazing poetics. With a child’s gaze, he captures the optimism of the 1960s and the space race. It regresses in memories, as only great cinema does. One of the best movies to watch on Netflix which was also one of the biggest surprises among the shows in the catalog.

Recommended for anyone who imagines dialogues they will never hear.

Fernando Meirelles imagines the dialogue between Pope Benedict XVI, shortly after making the decision to resign, and his successor, Jorge Mario Bergoglio. What could have been confined to a spiritual movie becomes instead a dramatic and heartfelt portrayal of two ordinary men with a unique role and an overwhelming theological weight on their shoulders. Anthony McCarten’s highly balanced screenplay, along with the brilliant Anthony Hopkins and Jonathan Pryce, not only memorize a project geared toward the paralyzed, but also take it to an even higher level.

Recommended for anyone tired of denial.

Adam McKay directed the controversial film. Leonardo DiCaprio plays an astronomer who notices that a meteorite is on a collision course with Earth. The disaster could still be avoided. Politics will not listen to him, nor will the people. Such a blatant satire of climate change that seems almost obvious. However, the truth of the facts is still changing do not search In a strangely prophetic and realistic position.

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Recommended for those with a very stressful imagination.

Charlie Kaufman delves into the inner lives of his characters as he did with the movie script Eternal sunshine for a clean mind. just this I’m thinking of ending it here It is even more complex and hallucinatory. A stream of consciousness that cannot always be followed, but that is its beauty. A rare and precious movie made of mazes and mirrors.

Recommended for fans of musicals.

Jonathan Larson’s musical of the same name was adapted for Andrew Garfield, so it partially deserves an Academy Award nomination. Tag, put… Boom! It’s Lin-Manuel Miranda’s directorial debut, and it’s also a sad and ultimately hopeful story. When the music takes over, the movie transitions into a wonderful and magical experience.

Recommended for those who have experienced the isolation of peaks.

top of the gods Based on the graphic novel by Jiro Taniguchi and directed by Patrick Imbert. The film is almost a masterpiece equivalent to its paper counterpart. He cares about obsessions and rocks. A mountaineer sets out in search of evidence of the work of the man who has disappeared. He is convinced that he was the first to reach the summit of Everest. With amazing animation, we find ourselves encouraging drawn characters more than we do live action.

Recommended for those who want to see the perfect American.

Red Notice is the classic Hollywood pop-corn movie, with a cast of stars (Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds, and Gal Gadot), and plenty of action and fun. Initially produced by Legendary Pictures for Universal Pictures, Rawson’s Marshall Thurber from Rawson was supposed to be shown in theaters but was sold to Netflix: when it hit the stage, it broke all viewing records, persuading the operator to give the green light to no one. But two supplement.

What do you think that? Do you think something essential is missing? Tell us in the comments!

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