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“The Flag Under the Dome”, the 2022 edition of the festival ends with two days of face-to-face appointments –

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After the two broadcast conferences on April 28 and May 12 (respectively on the themes “Music of the Stars” and “A Journey Between Medicines and Vaccines: Science, History and Literature”, which saw excellent participation in terms of attendance), the 2022 edition of the “Scienza sotto la Cupola” festival ends with Two days of personal appointments, which will be hosted by Salone dell’Arengo del Broletto in Novara on May 31 and June 1.

As is known, the festival is a popular science initiative, born out of the cooperation of the Novara County Education Office with the Scientific Committee comprising the Association “Science is Marvelous” and “Omar” ITI of Novara and the University of East Piedmont. This year, “The Flag Under the Dome” is in its third edition. The organizers note that despite the difficulties caused by the epidemic in terms of organizing events, thanks to modern technologies, the project was able to take place without interruption and on a continuous basis, creating loyalty in the territory and thus responsiveness to requests and satisfaction. It was demonstrated by part of the audience and students in the Novara district, so much so that the 2022 edition is designed not only for children attending secondary schools in the district, but also extended to first-year secondary schools and primary school children.

The days of May 31 and June 1 will be an opportunity for further study on the various topics covered by the conferences, but the novelty represented by the educational laboratories set up by the University of Eastern Piedmont in collaboration with the students and teachers of the Information Technology Institute “Omar” Will and the “Carlo Alberto” boarding school in Novara. The goal is to create moments of interaction and to make participants the protagonists of discussions and experiences. If the morning appointments are designed specifically for students, the evening appointments are aimed at a more age-diverse audience: in this case also there are conferences and workshops. Each day concludes with a “scientific aperitif”, with the opportunity to discuss various topics with researchers.

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In detail, the program “Proteingames and ColorGames” on May 31 at 9 am, includes workshops by Upo, Iti “Omar” and Convitto “Carlo Alberto”. At the same time, a conference on “Mass quantum phenomena and superconductivity” by Samuel Sana (University of Bologna). At 10:30 a lecture “From the dream of Democritus to the Higgs boson. The greatest adventure of mankind” by Giorgio Chinese (Huple). At 5 PM “Eye… Tools of the Trade!” , a workshop for OPPO and, at the same time, a scientific aperitif “Words Say and Do … A Search Between Lights and Shadows” by Cristina Maras (CNR).

On June 1st 9am appointment with “Proteingames and ColorGames”, workshops organized by Upo, Iti. “Omar” and “Confeto” “Carlo Alberto”, and at the same time a conference on “Urban Biodiversity”. The Amazing Botany of the City” Edited by Giovanni Battista Abendino (Obbo). 10:30 Conference on the topic “Chemistry: All Formulas of the Future. From the first words to the last symbols” by Enrica Gianotti (Obo) and Aaron Quincosis Loren (writer). Afternoon, 5 pm, science aperitif on “Science Fiction Against the Reality of Present and Future” by Paolo Piccardo (University of Genoa).

Finally, the opportunity to enjoy viewing photos of the photographic exhibition “4.404 km: Soil and Subsoil. Colors of Ny-Ålesund”: Visitors will be able to learn and appreciate the colors of the Svalbard Islands and the research experiences of the Italian science base at Ny-lesund in the Arctic through the photographic gaze of Vittorio Tulli.

Participation in all scheduled events is free and requires reservation by sending an email to [email protected]. For information, you can write to the same address or call the association “Science is cool” numbers 06.90672651 and 06.21120843.

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