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Bus collisions in Canada: The balance is dramatic

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Canadian crash

A staggering 50 people in Canada Injured in a bus accident. It is known that the conflict took place in Merritt, which is about 260 km from Victoria, the capital of the province of British Columbia.

Canada, Bus Collision: The Balance Sheet

MechanicsaccidentBut as CNN reports, The clash took place on Christmas Eve evening. Specifically, medical teams from three hospitals in the area will be looking after at least 53 patients. According to reports from the local Interior Health Officer, the drama happened on Highway 97C. Those involved were hospitalized under the “Code Orange” that is used in the event of a disaster or large number of victims. Home Health on Social Media wrote: “We are not in a position to provide what the patients’ conditions are at this time.” Adds that too “We will make every effort to reunite patients with their family members as soon as possible.”

Prime Minister David Abe: ‘Shocked and saddened’

Meanwhile, British Columbia Premier David E He noted what happened on Highway 97c “Our thoughts go out to the victims, their loved ones, first responders and healthcare professionals who are doing everything they can to treat people and keep them safe.”

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